Possession *Niall Horan Fanfic*

Kylie Curtis is the school's biggest nerd until she goes to one party and a single boy changes everything. Bad boy Niall Horan is violent and passionate but doesn't care about anything- until he sets his eyes on a new pet. Kylie. Kylie is keen on staying away from Niall but Niall is more intent on being with her. At first all Niall wants from Kylie is physical attraction and her to be his possession. But what happens if that's not all what he wants anymore?


6. Chapter 6

He swerves into a yard full of broken and smashed cars. "Get out." I look at him and cross my arms. "No. I said I didn't want to come." His face flushes red. "Curtis, get the hell out of the car!" I stare at him like he lost his mind. Then he gets out and opens my door, yanking me out by the arm. "Hey!" I hear a deep voice yell. Niall freezes and I stare at where the voice came from. A man that looked about eighteen with a tight light blue long sleeve shirt and dark brown hair points straight at me. "Let go of her." His blue eyes pierce mine. Niall laughs. "And if I don't, what are you going to do about it?" The man walks closer, full attention on me. "Baby girl, what's your parent's phone number? I can call them to pick you up." He says gently, his entire face softening at my presence. I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear with my free hand. "I-I go to a boarding school." I stammer. "My parents are in New Jersey." He widens his eyes. "Do you have a friend I can call? Preferably a boy?" I open my mouth to give him Dahlia's number when Niall crushes my arm with his fist. I yelp and jump. "Honey, I'm Garrett. And I'm gonna help you." He squeezes his fists. Before anything happens, I bring back my hand and slap Niall across the face. He yells in surprise and abruptly let's go of me. Without thinking, I sprint for Garrett. Just as my fingertips touch his, I get yanked back by my waist. I scream and writhe at Niall's touch when I get yanked forward. I get shoved behind Garrett protectively, and he growls at Niall. "Don't touch her." Niall laughs and leans against his car door. "Come here Curtis, I'm your ride." My fingers tighten around Garrett's bicep. "No. I'll take her back to your school. Go on." Garrett tries to reason with Niall. Niall's eyes flame. "Fine. Kylie, don't think you'll get away with this." He gets into his car and speeds off. The second he's gone, I leap away from Garrett. "You can be a rapist for all I know." I snap, then instantly feeling bad. This man had a certain warmth. And he didn't look like a physcopath to me. He laughs. "Oh sure, doll." He runs a hand through his hair. "What's your name? I have a feeling it's not Curtis." I laugh, feeling actually relaxed with this man. "I'm Kylie." He nods. "How old are you?" I roll my eyes. "What is this, twenty questions?" He blushes and I laugh. "I'm sixteen." He grins. "So it'd be illegal if I did this?" He pulls me to his chest and presses his lips against mine. I surprise myself by reaching up and tightening my arms around his neck, kissing him back. He holds my back and breaks the kiss. "What's your number?" I laugh as he sets me on the ground.

When we pull up to my school, he holds my hand. "Call me, okay Kylie?" I bite my lip and nod, opening the door and walking into my school. I run to my dorm room and I see a frightened Alison standing outside our room. "Alison, where's Dahlia?" Her lips shake and her eyes were crazy with fear. She mouthes one word. Run. "Alison!" I whisper, shaking her shoulders. "Run!" She hisses. I look into the room and see Niall sitting on my bed. I nod at Alison and she turns, running down the hallway. I walk into the room, resting my hands on my hips. "What do you want?" I snap. He stands up and glares at me. "Your phone." I put my hand over my pocket. "What?" He walks towards me. "I said, give me your phone." Hands shaking, I take my iPhone out of my pocket and hand it to him. He scrolls for a few moments before slapping it in my palm. "Really? You got his number?" I tighten my fists. "We're not even dating! Why should you care?" He narrows his eyes and grabs my arm. "Love, what you don't seem to realize is that you're mine. I don't want to date you." He releases my arm and strides out of my dorm room. I run out into the hallway. "What did you do to Alison?" He turns around and grins. "It's our little secret." Then he turns down the hall and disappears.

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