Possession *Niall Horan Fanfic*

Kylie Curtis is the school's biggest nerd until she goes to one party and a single boy changes everything. Bad boy Niall Horan is violent and passionate but doesn't care about anything- until he sets his eyes on a new pet. Kylie. Kylie is keen on staying away from Niall but Niall is more intent on being with her. At first all Niall wants from Kylie is physical attraction and her to be his possession. But what happens if that's not all what he wants anymore?


5. Chapter 5

After lunch, I speed walked through the halls to lose Alison and Dahlia. When I reach our room, they come barreling in after me. "Kylie!" Dahlia shrieks as Alison slams the door. Alison squeals and claps. "Way to go honey! You got laid by Niall Horan!" Dahlia glares at her. "I did too! So I don't know why he chose her over me. Kylie is nothing special! She's not better than me, definitely not prettier! I had to be a better lay!" With that Dahlia storms out of the room. That really hurt. Alison sits on the edge of the bed next to me. "She didn't mean it Kylie she's just-" "I don't care." I force a smile. "Niall invited me.....somewhere." Alison claps. "We have to get you dressed!" She pulls me into her closet where I decide on, much to Alison's dismay, a navy crop top with black shorts and converse. To finish it I put on a gray beanie and stride confidently out the door. When I get to the parking lot, I lean against the brick wall. I honestly didn't want to come- I didn't know where he was taking me. I was just scared about what he would do if I said no. The wind blows my hair into my mouth, sticking to my lipgloss. I see a familiar black boot walk from the other side of the building, and I sink to the ground, pretending to look around. "My car's over there, doll." Niall grins down at me. I cross my arms. "Thanks for the gesture, really, but I'm not going." His smile gets replaced by a hard frown. "What?" I shrug. "I'm not going." He yanks me up by the arm, making me cry out. He drags me to the side of his car. "Get in." He says smoothly. I kick his shin. "No!" I start to run when he picks me up from behind and shoves me in the car. He locks my side door and straps me in. I was really scared now. I begin to scream when he presses his lips against mine. I slap him across the face. "Where are you taking me!" I screech, breathing hard. His eyes narrow. "Wherever I want to take you." With that, he takes off against my will, down the street and away from my school.

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