Possession *Niall Horan Fanfic*

Kylie Curtis is the school's biggest nerd until she goes to one party and a single boy changes everything. Bad boy Niall Horan is violent and passionate but doesn't care about anything- until he sets his eyes on a new pet. Kylie. Kylie is keen on staying away from Niall but Niall is more intent on being with her. At first all Niall wants from Kylie is physical attraction and her to be his possession. But what happens if that's not all what he wants anymore?


4. Chapter 4

I don't tell Dahlia and Alison about my encounter with Niall, instead just being quiet. As I predicted, Alison didn't remember a thing that happened last night. "You hooked up with Zayn." Dahlia says as she fluffs her hair in the mirror. Alison groans, laying on her back, covering her face with her hands. "I'm dead. Don't call me until I'm in college." I basically ignore their conversation, thinking about what I would do. Should I talk to him? Maybe he won't even remember what happened last night. But what if he does? I pull on a skin tight long sleeve navy shirt, letting the top of my black bra show, putting on a white pleated skirt and black vans. I rest my glasses on the counter, borrowing a pair of Dahlia's contacts. I blink at my large green eyes, sliding silver earrings in my ear. The conversation died between Alison and Dahlia as they stare at me. "That's......new." Alison stammers, raising an eyebrow. She smooths her sleeveless white dress, buttoning her red cardigan. Dahlia runs a hand through her hair. "Come on let's just go. I'm going to pray that Louis forgets about me." I stride out of the dorm, breezing through my classes. I couldn't wait for lunch. I walk with Alison and we meet up with Dahlia, sitting at our usual table. I poke at my spaghetti until the doors burst open. I immediately fix my hair and try to look like I don't know they exist, typing on my phone. Immediately I felt a hard yank on my arm, pulling me out of my seat. I look into the frosty eyes of Niall, swallowing hard. He continues to pull me before he sits down, setting me on my lap. The whole cafeteria's eyes are on me, and I flush hard, playing with the pleats of my skirt. "Hey doll." His breath tickles my ear. I make a small whine at the back of my throat and he chuckles lowly. The cafeteria's eyes finally divert away from me and Louis taps the table. "Hey, love. I've never seen you before. Are you new?" Fury courses through my body, flushing my cheeks a dark red. Before I can spit something back at him, Niall snakes his arms around my waist and presses his face into my neck and I gasp a little, straightening my back. I give Louis a venom filled smile. "I've been going to this school as long as you, maybe even longer." He raises an eyebrow. "Then you must be hiding behind glasses and collared shirts cause I've never seen you before. And you're pretty hot." I blush hard and smile. "Thank you." I hold out a hand. "I'm Kylie." He shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you, Kylie." Niall tightens his hold on my waist and I'm glad for the cafeteria noise. "Why didn't you ditch me?" I whisper so that only he could hear. I feel him swallow. "I heard you say that I took your virginity. And then I realized what a jerk I was." I smile. "But this comes at a price, Kylie. I want you." I turn around to see his face. "What?" He squeezes my waist. "Kylie Jenner, you're mine. No one else's. Got it?" I shake my head. "What's that supposed to mean?" He grins lopsidedly. "That means you are my possession." The bell rings and he picks me up again, gently setting me on my feet. Then he pulls me closer to him and kisses me roughly. I barely have time to kiss back before he pulls away, leaning towards my ear. "My car. It's black. Behind the school. You're coming to my hangout." And with that, he's gone.

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