Possession *Niall Horan Fanfic*

Kylie Curtis is the school's biggest nerd until she goes to one party and a single boy changes everything. Bad boy Niall Horan is violent and passionate but doesn't care about anything- until he sets his eyes on a new pet. Kylie. Kylie is keen on staying away from Niall but Niall is more intent on being with her. At first all Niall wants from Kylie is physical attraction and her to be his possession. But what happens if that's not all what he wants anymore?


2. Chapter 2

I wake up with an ice pack on my forehead and the room spinning.


The impatient way the nurse was saying my name indicated that she probably said to more than three times. I blink at her and fumble for my glasses, sliding them up my nose.

"You can leave now, you'll be alright. Just take these before you go to sleep and you'll be as good as new."

She gives me a clear container with four pills.

"Only take two, dear. The others are for just in case you drop them."

I rub my temple. Then I look up and see in his leather jacket and black beanie, leaning against the wall, eyes trained on me, was Niall. I flit my eyes away and accept the water bottle from the nurse and pushing open the door. Niall walks next to me like he talks to me everyday. To my surprise, he takes off his beanie and puts it on my head, making me blush. Swiftly, he takes the pills out of my palm and uncorks it. I look at him strangely.

"What are you doing?"

He gives me a wry smile.

"I've been put on lockdown. That, my love, means I can't leave. And if I can't leave, I don't get my....." He thinks for a moment. "Needs."

He shakes two of my pills into his hand and swallows them before handing the bottle back to me. I stare at him, slack jawed.

"These are prescription!"

I sputter. He stares at me lazily.

"Yeah, so?"

I didn't really have a reply for that so I stay silent.

"Kylie, huh?"

I give him a withering look and he smirks. He grabs my arm, making me stop.

"There's a party tonight, wanna come? It's pretty cool and all."

I stare at him, eyes bulging. "Me?"

He nods. I chew my lip.

"I can't- Dahlia is gonna freak if I'm seen with you. Thanks for getting me here and everything, but I gotta go. Bye Niall."

I turn and run away so that he couldn't say anything more to me. I was already road kill with Dahlia, stepping in front of her and Louis like some traffic light. When I open my door, Alison's on her bed, filing her nails. Dahlia's on the ground, flipping through the TV shows. I close the door and throw my jacket on a chair.

"So what did Niall do? Kiss you?"

Alison preps eagerly. I shrug.

"Nothing. He just took two of my pills and invited me to a party tonight, nothing major."

Dahlia drops the remote and stares at me, eyes wide.

"He did what?"

Alison groans. "Let the poor girl go! Better yet, take us with you! I'm in a no strings attached mood, and Dahlia needs to get out."

I furrow my eyebrow.

"I told him no."

Dahlia and Alison gasp.

"Who cares? We're going anyway!" Alison shrieks. "Probably the pharm party?"

I snap my head towards her. "The what party?"

Alison holds a finger to her lips.

"Come here."

Dahlia and I crowd around her in the closet where she pushes back the uniforms and opens the wall. Inside were thousands of different articles of clothing, arranged by color. I gasp.

"You kept this from me and Dahlia for two years?!"

She rolls her eyes.

"Where do you guys think I get clothes from?"

We step inside and go crazy. Alison helps me with the clothes while Dahlia glares at me. In thirty minuets, I'm wearing a tight black dress with a low neckline that ended mid thigh, letting my hair hang loose in ringlets. I couldn't wear wedges, but she lets me by with all black vans. I slip the beanie on my head, my heart pounding. Would I seem desperate? When I was done, so was Dahlia and Alison. Dahlia wore a light yellow sleeveless dress with matching heels and her hair straightened and in a high ponytail. Alison had a almost neon blue halter top and stripper shorts with black ankle boots, dark red hair in a messy bun. I felt powerful as I sneak out of our dorm after ten o'clock and call a cab. This night was going to rock.

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