Possession *Niall Horan Fanfic*

Kylie Curtis is the school's biggest nerd until she goes to one party and a single boy changes everything. Bad boy Niall Horan is violent and passionate but doesn't care about anything- until he sets his eyes on a new pet. Kylie. Kylie is keen on staying away from Niall but Niall is more intent on being with her. At first all Niall wants from Kylie is physical attraction and her to be his possession. But what happens if that's not all what he wants anymore?


1. Chapter 1

In some ways, I hated boarding school. You can never escape your classmates, almost every website is blocked, and you can hear people having sex through the thin walls, even though guys in girls's rooms after 10pm isn't allowed. But in some ways, it was good too. Sleepovers every night with your girlfriends, no parents to tell you what to do, and credit cards. Unlimited money, basically. Everyone at this school had them. But there was one thing that was the same. The pain of waking up. We collectively groan and I throw a pillow at my best friend Alison's face. She was the only one that could turn off the alarm. She brings her hand down on the alarm clock and groans again. I jump off the top bunk, barely missing Dahlia's elbow. Alison got the single bed because we made a bet that whoever got a boyfriend first got the bed. It was stupid, because of course Alison would win. I open the big closet where we mixed all of our clothes. I honestly didn't know which shirts or which jeans were mine. Covering her face, Dahlia runs to the bathroom and locks the door. Alison works on tugging knots out of her hair as I pull out everything.

"Pass me that red dress, will you? I think it's Dahlia's."

I automatically throw it over my shoulder and keep on throwing around clothes until I find another version of our uniform that had a navy long sleeve shirt and a pleated white skirt. I leave my dark blonde waves loose down my back and slide on my black rimmed glasses.

"Put on some accessories, something!"

Alison yells, leaning into the mirror to put on mascara. I take Alison's pearl bracelet off the dresser and slide it onto my wrist.


She looks me up and down, wrinkling her nose. "Manageable. I mean really Kylie! You could get Niall if you just wore the better stuff!"

I couldn't breathe when she said his name. I've always secretly liked him, but I couldn't bring myself to tell Alison. I shrug as she applies mascara to my eyelashes, something I've never been able to do.

"I don't want Niall, he's an ass."

"Well at least someone listens to me."

Dahlia strides out of the bathroom with the other choice for her uniform, rolled up white shorts, a red tank top with a navy cardigan, her shoulder length light brown and blonde hair in curls.

"Alison, I don't know why you adore him. He uses people."

She snaps. Earlier this year, Dahlia slept with Niall. He dumped her the same morning and went out with Riley Richmond the next day. She never really got over it, and she despised anything to do with Niall. Alison rolls her eyes, fluffing up her flower patterned scarf.

"Just because he used you doesn't mean he's gonna use Kylie."

"Alison!" I shriek.

Dahlia's gray eyes were cold as they bored into Alison's skin.

"Let's just go." I link arms with them and stride out of the door. I was just glad that there were six different versions of our uniform because Alison and Dahlia and pretty much the rest of the student body would look better than me. Once my feet hit the first hit the ground, the smell of pancakes and waffles hit my nose. Alison groans.

"The first morning they don't have a salad bar? See you two later."

She turns around and I grab her elbow.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" She looks at the food and swallows hard.

"I'm fine Kylie."

She yanks her arm back and strides away. Dahlia and I joined the line and sat at our usual table with Jasmine, Erin, and Mackenzie. We talked for a little bit when the doors flew open with a loud bang, and all eyes were on Niall, flanked by his two goons, Louis and Zayn. The girls acted like they were celebrities, hushing one another then screaming louder. I rest my head in my palms and yank off my glasses, blinking at how blurry he was. My best feature was my green eyes. And if he looked at me I wanted him to see it. I was suddenly glad for wearing what probably was Alison's very tight red shirt and probably Dahlia's short skirt. I flip my hair over my shoulder and laugh, practically dying to get his attention. I don't even really know if he stared at me because everything was basically a blurry mess. It was pretty obvious that Niall didn't see me because he strides right pass me. But someone else saw me. My tray is flipped, and it lands on my navy flats. I slide on my glasses and look into the startling blue eyes of Louis. He smirks.


I felt like crying, but I refused myself to tear up.

"Sorry love. Its was a.....what's the word?"

He glances at Dahlia and smirks.

"A mistake."

Dahlia's face flushes with anger. "You bastard!"

She jumps on Louis and pins him to the floor by her knees, punching him repeatedly in the face. He blocks most of her blows and grabs her waist, throwing her across the cafeteria. She skids on her butt until her head hits the doors. "Don't do it Dahlia." I say under my breath. She gets up and charges full speed for Louis. I step in between them, bracing myself for the blow.


That's the last thing I remember before I black out.

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