All I Want

Lola Park is from Atlanta, Georgia and has a young daughter, Sasha and all she wants for her daughter is the life she deserves, a perfect house, perfect neighbourhood and a perfect father figure. When Lola meets Aaron Calvert, she doesn't see what Sasha sees in him but over time, something blossoms between them. Find out the sorry of Lola, Sasha and Aaron in my new movella, All I Want.


18. The New Chapter

It was now time for Lola to close the chapter of her life containing Luke die, having a child aged 15 with a boy who didint want anything to do with her, after dropping out of school just to work 2jobs so she could afford college fees after gaining a GED, all the stuff that didn't make Lola happy, and open a brand new one. A brand new one containing a 6bedrommed house near where Lola lived before living with Aaron, a beautiful, caring, loving guy who loved her for who she was, her beautiful daughter who loved Aaron like he was her father and a perfect wedding in the works. Lola was no longer Lola Park, born in Atlanta, got pregnant at 15 so she's a slut no one would talk to, she was soon to be Lola Calvert, wife of Aaron, mother of Sasha, best friend of Caitlynne, owner of a 6 bedroomer and mother to be again (after the wedding of course!). It is true what people say, life isn't all what  you make it out to be, but Lola didn't think that anymore, she thought of you work hard enough, life is worth it. 

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