All I Want

Lola Park is from Atlanta, Georgia and has a young daughter, Sasha and all she wants for her daughter is the life she deserves, a perfect house, perfect neighbourhood and a perfect father figure. When Lola meets Aaron Calvert, she doesn't see what Sasha sees in him but over time, something blossoms between them. Find out the sorry of Lola, Sasha and Aaron in my new movella, All I Want.


12. Meal with Aaron

Lola's parents were more than happy for Lola too be going out with Aaron that evening. They accepted that she needed to have some fun whilst she was visiting so approved almost straight away. All they wanted was for Lola to find a guy who would love her and Sasha just as much as they did. Lola was wearing a short black dress and black heels, her hair was in a bun and she wasn't wearing as much makeup as usual but the statement of her look was a deep red shade of lipstick. Aaron arrived dead on the dot 7pm and they drove to a Italian restaurant called Pricci in his Lexus . They sat down and ordered a bottle of red wine, Aaron had a pasta dish and Lola a carbonara, her favourite. "So Lola, tell me about your life?" Aaron said chuckling. "Well, I had Sasha when I was 15 which sorta ruined my life goals but she was worth it, I split up with her father he didn't want anything to do with her so he only met her once or twice before he died. I got my GED from high school and and went to study law at Georgia state and got my diploma so I moved to Myrtle as I was offered a job there and the schools are pretty good so it benefit Sash." Lola explained. "You've had a pretty up and down life." Aaron said. "Yea but I got through the bad times. Enough about me, what about you?" Lola asked. "I went to South Atlanta, was quite a basketball freak so I was on the team, I got offered a scholarship to a top sport college but wanted too be a teacher so I went to the university of Bath in England for the last year of college but I started of at Northwestern. I moved to Myrtle in 2011 as I was offered the job at the school but before that I actually worked in a clothes store too pay the bills and that." Aaron explained. "Your life sounds amazing." Lola said. "It wasn't that good. Cassidy got pregnant at 13 with her first kid, shes only 20 now actually so NY parents ignored me and my 19 year old brother a lot more as they just awed the baby. When she moved out, it got worse cos mom wanted to see those kids, she'd had the second at 15 then moved out. " Aaron explained. The food then arrived so they sat and chatted in between mouthfuls before they knew it, they had finished 3 bottles of wine. They played the bill and stumbled out of Pricci laughing to each other. "Lola, I can't drive back now." Aaron said. "Let's go to a hotel then. What about that one?" Lola said, pointing at a posh lighten up hotel across the street. "Anywhere I can be with you, Miss Park." He said, leaning in and kissing Lola passionately, Lola reciprocating. They basically ran across the street, booked a romantic suite and went in the elevator to it. They got too the room, locked the door quickly ripped of each others clothes, falling back onto the four poster bed covered in rose petals which flew everywhere as Lola's back hit the soft covers. They kissed passionately before getting into the swing of things. 

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