All I Want

Lola Park is from Atlanta, Georgia and has a young daughter, Sasha and all she wants for her daughter is the life she deserves, a perfect house, perfect neighbourhood and a perfect father figure. When Lola meets Aaron Calvert, she doesn't see what Sasha sees in him but over time, something blossoms between them. Find out the sorry of Lola, Sasha and Aaron in my new movella, All I Want.


3. Home Sweet Home

After a 5 and a half hour drive from their native Atlanta, Lola and Sasha arrived at their new home near Myrtle Beach in SC. Sasha had been out cold for most of the journey so there were no throwbacks to the drive but she awoke just by Carolina Forest. They drove past the actual beach and then they got to 112 Myrtle Beach Boulevard, a white house with a blue door and a round window in the centre of the house. "Come on, Sash. This is our new home!" Lola said, taking her daughter out of her car seat and onto the sidewalk. "Wow! Mommy where's my room?!" Sasha said excitedly. "You can have any room you like except my room that I already picked." Lola laughed. "Come on let's go and explore!" Lola said, finding the keys in her hand bag and running with Sasha to the front door. She opened the door and the giant entrance hall appeared, the dopuble sided staircase being the highlight of this house. They went upstairs to look at the bedrooms and bathrooms. To there surprise, every single room on the upstairs floor was absolutely massive, Lola's room being the one across the hall from the one with the circular window, which had a balcpony she could not on after Sasha had gone to bed. Sasha picked the circular window room, which also has an an suite like Lola's room,  so they decided the other two were extremely big guest rooms. "Mommy! This house is amazing!" Sasha said, sitting down on the oak flooring that would be covered in carpet material for safety. "It is isn't it baby!" Lola said, picking up Sasha and taking her round the lower floor of the house, walking into the already furnished kitchen and the large open plan living room attached to the dining room, which had a large oak dining table in it. "This is the start of our new life." Lola said, kissing her daughters forehead.

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