All I Want

Lola Park is from Atlanta, Georgia and has a young daughter, Sasha and all she wants for her daughter is the life she deserves, a perfect house, perfect neighbourhood and a perfect father figure. When Lola meets Aaron Calvert, she doesn't see what Sasha sees in him but over time, something blossoms between them. Find out the sorry of Lola, Sasha and Aaron in my new movella, All I Want.


10. Final Meal and Surprises

Today was their last day in California before heading to LAX early tommorow  for their flight back to Myrtle Beach. They had chosen a rather fancy restaurant to enjoy their last Californian dinner in so they had dressed a lot more fancy. Lola was wearing a midnight blue maxi dress with matching heels, her hair was straightened and clipped to the side with bobby pins and her face was fully made up with red lipstick being the statement. She put Sasha in a pink dress and flats with some pink lipgloss and her long curly blond hair was loose. Caitlynne was in a black midi dress with black heels, her highlighted hair in a fishtail braid and her face made up with pink lipstick the statement. Jake was dressed in a formal black suit and had put on his aviators, Edelynne was wearing a blue knee length with matching flats and had her hair in a braid like Caitlynne's and Gracelynne had on a purple dress (similar to Rapunzel from tangled) purple flats and her hair was straight with a ribbon clip in it. "You ready ladies?" Jake asked, walking into Lola's room where they were all dressing. "Yes, honey." Caitlynne said, heading over to her husband. "Well the cab will be here any minute so we better go downstairs." Jake explained, picking up Gracelynne who was about to run off by herself. They headed down to the lobby and waited about 10 minutes for the taxi to arrive. They got to the restaurant in about 20 minutes and went a sat at their large round table. Lola ordered carbonara, Caitlynne ordered a risotto, Jake a funny named pasta dish, Sasha had pizza, Edelynne had pasta and Gracelynne had pizza. Everything was going perfect until Caitlynne squealed to Lola "Lola! Look who's here!" Gesturing over to Aaron Calvert, wearing a posh suit standing with a woman and a man. Lola then saw him look over at her and walked over. "Hi, Lola. What are you doing here?" He asked, saying hi to everyone else at the table after talking to Lola. "I'm on a trip with my friends and Sasha. I could ask you the same!e thing." Lola said through gritted teeth as she was quite embarrassed. "I'm staying with my parents but I'm going back tommorow. Its their anniversary so I came to visit." Aaron explained, his parents looking curious to any he was talking to Lola. "So are you from here?" Lola asked. "No, I'm from Atlanta. My parents moved here after they retired, thought it would be nice to have somewhere like this to spend their retirement." Aaron explained. "Oh really, Lola happens to be from Atlanta. You have so much in common!" Caitlynne said interuppting their conversation. "Really you are? What part?" Aaron asked. "Castleberry Hill." Lola said. "Me to! Lived there until I moved to Myrtle! Aaron said. " What a coincidence. " "Yea." She said. "Well I'll leave you in peace, have a nice evening." He said, walking over to his parents. "He was totally flirting with you!" Caitlynne sqealed. "No he wasn't!" Lola said, knowing that he actually kinda was.  

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