The Demigods

Three friends find out that they are really demigods and that there is a prophecy that will change their lives


5. Michael

Michael's POV

It was fun watching Ben slice up all of the dummies until we had to go to the campfire. When we got we sat next to Gracie right then Chiron came in looking calm as usual.

"We have bad news today, Calypso has made an opposite of the Golden Fleece it can take away powers from anything! Even demigods. So who wants to go on a quest to bring the fleece to the gods so they can destroy it?!"

Right as he said that Ben, Gracie, and I stood up. Apparently we were were the only ones who wanted to go! Well that ended the meeting but right as we were going to eat at the big house lightning flashed and above Ben's head appeared a lightning symbol!


Said a son of Ares as he stumbled back tripping over a root. Right then Ben and I just went ahead and ate at the big house. He looked so confused at the plates and cups but eventually he got the hang of it.

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