My brothers best friend

I just can't believe I did it with my brothers best friend.

And I don't regret it


3. The club

Harry POV

Of course Marie let me drink all I wanted. That was not good. I was danceing with no one in particular. I was way to drunk to care. Zayn seemed to be having fun with this girl she looked like my sis, but naw she hates him. I kinda wanna go home with someone but kinda don't. Lets see were the night takes me 


Zayn POV

I'm pretty sure that I know this girl that's dancing with me but I'm way too drunk to recognize her. I could feel the vibration of the music bouncing in between us. She is beautiful. I tell her to come to my place as noses were touching about to kiss but she turned away to tell harry something. How does she know him. I had come in my motorcycle. I gave her my helmet "hold on tight" I sped off a little faster than usual, just to impress her. I guess it was her fist time on a motorcycle or she just really likes me cause she held on really tight. When we finally got to the apartment I as we got through the door we started a heavy make session and she toke off my shirt and i carried her up my room. I dropped her on the bed. The way the she bounced up reminded me imminently who she was. I think she realized it too cause her face expression changed. Sadly, like I said when I'm drunk I say everything on my mind " I know its wrong if we do this but I've always liked you, all those things I've  said to you when i come over are all true. I've never told your brother because  know he will  be beyond pissed. I won't do anything if you don't want to. The decision is yours if you want to fuck and anything else" Her face during all of this was  priceless. There isn't a word in the dictionary that could describe it.




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