My brothers best friend

I just can't believe I did it with my brothers best friend.

And I don't regret it


7. lets talk

Marie POV

The movie was terrifying without doubt. But, that wasn't the only reason why I wanted it to end. I needed to talk to Zayn to figure out what we are. I was thinking of all the harsh things he could say like "I never liked you I just wanted to get in your pants, I never loved you, I hate you". I will admit I am pretty paranoid. I just hope it turns out to be good. As the credits started to show on the screen I stood up still with Zayns fingers intwined into mine and walk upstairs to his room. I glanced back and I could see the confusion in his eyes. But I just took the final step that led to his room and shut the door leaving Zayn and me alone.


Zayn POV

"What do you want us to be"

The question took me by surprise but I immediatly knew the answer.

" A couple that will never break up, a couple that will fight but will always end up with us kissing and saying I'm so sorry and I love you"

after I said It I realized how corny it sounded, but I couldn't help it I was saying the truth. I stood there waiting for her to say something or at least smile. It me a while but at last I saw her eyes light up and she had the biggest smile on her face I couldn't help but smile too. I could tell she wanted the same thing

Marie POV

When he said that it reminded me of how much I hated him and how much I dreaded his daily visits. But then I realized that infer all that's hate there was something more. I knew he noticed the smile creep on my face. The only thing he didn't know was I wasn't going to let him have it so easily. Just like that he said "will you be my girlfriend" my smile turned into a smirk "work for it and ask me again in 2 weeks"


I'm so sorry you guys. I was on vacation and when I got back I wasn't feeling to fabulous. It took me a lot odd effort and time to make this. But I will promise you I will have up to chapter 10 before school starts. I will try and do my best after that. 

For the next chapter I'm going to need you help 




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