My brothers best friend

I just can't believe I did it with my brothers best friend.

And I don't regret it


2. I hope...

Marie POV

"come on, Harry please, I do everything for you just do this one FUN thing for me" I really want to go to this new club. My brother is a stubborn guy and he is a total player. He has only been to one club, which is very surprising and I want this to be his second, but I really doubt he will say yes "FINE, I'll go with you just make sure I don't drink too much.""YESSSSS" that has been one of  the many lies I have told him and I don't think it'll be the last. I want to go around 7 and its about to be 5 so now I just have to find what to wear and that won't be easy. I told him to take a shower, change, and not tell Zayn anything. I know he going to tell him but at least he will feel a little guilty cause I told him not to. I'll just decide what to wear in the shower. It'll be like doing two things at once


Harry POV 

I really can't believe Marie convinced me to go to the club. She can get on my nerves really easily, very rarely she's nice and truthful to me. So I got to my apartment and Zayn was smoking outside I can't wait to tell him cause I know Marie hates him and he always says yes when it comes to her, I wonder why. Of course he said yes. I let him take a shower first cause he always takes the longest. 


Zayn POV

I really like Marie, I've never told Harry cause I know that he will get mad. I want something to happen between us but I kinda don't. If we do have something for sure harry will get really pissed and if we don't do anything then I will always wonder. I guess what's meant to happen will eventually happen. I'm gonna wear something simple and try not to drink cause when drink I say EVERYTHING that's on my mind and people don't need to know that. 


Harry POV

I took a quick shower because as usual Zayn took most of the time we had. While in the shower I was thinking why Marie hates Zayn so much. I had my suspensions that he went over there a couple of times during the week but it all went away when he started telling about this girl he really liked. I'd never seen her but according to Zayn she is " really hot and he wishes she would like him back". I have no idea what girl wouldn't like him but that ain't my business. I really try not to get into his so called "love life" so I won't. I decided to wear a blue beanie with a black shirt and dark black jeans.


Marie POV

While I was in the shower I remembered this really pretty dress I  bought a couple weeks ago. I got out of the shower put on all my hair products but didn't dry it. I tried on the dress and it was prettier then I remembered. It was all black and you could see all my back. It went really low cause you could  my Wild child graffiti tattoo on my low,low back, The dress was up to my mid thigh and you could see all my curves. I hope my brother really didn't tell Zayn. But I really liked it knew I wasn't the only one who would to like it. I paired it with some high yellow stilettos. They made me pretty tall I'm 5'4 the heels made me 5'9.I put on some black and yellow bracelets and i let my very wavy hair run wild. I grabbed my phone,lipstick mascara, and make-up wipes, I dont know why i felt like i would need it. I went next door it was unlocked so i just opened it. I was a big mistake. Zayn was shirtless with some jeans and a toothbrush in his mouth. oh my god. I had never seen him shirtless. Lets just say i have no complains. He turned around to see me and had that smirk i hate so much. It took all in my body not to blush. I He spit out the water in his mouth and smiled with white perfect teeth. He carefully put on his shirt without messing up his hair.  He glanced at the bathroom door then walk towards me. I was not going to fall into his trick again. I walked towards him like i was going to do the same thing he planned to do. BUT, I Ducked under his arm and now i was just laugghing behind him. Now i knew it was going to be a fun night. I just hope it stays fun. 










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