My brothers best friend

I just can't believe I did it with my brothers best friend.

And I don't regret it


4. I hate you to the moon and back

Marie POV

I  can't believe what I just heard. When I'm drunk I say the complete opposite of what I think and most people know that and  Zayn is one of them. I smiled "I hate you to the moon and back, of course I don't want to do anything with you." I could see it in his face that he is his beyond happy. I kicked off my heels he knew that It was on. As we were making out he slipped off my dress and smiled.


Zayn POV 

She was beautiful, gorgeous, One of a kind . I kissed her unexpectedly cause I know it will pay off later. She slightly opened her mouth and I let my tongue slip in. Like I was hoping we were fighting for dominance, Of course I win. I tried to unhook her bra but she had fronsies. I felt pretty stupid. She took it off. I can't believe I'm doing this. 


       Marie POV     

I unbuttoned his jeans, you could see Zayn Jr. was happy.  He kicked his jeans off his ankles. I slipped off his boxers. It began, his thrusts we strong and fast. I cursed his name all he does is smile. I could feel my walls close. He could feel it too. He went faster. He took it out and plopped down next to me in bed. I was going to tell him something. But we both feel into a deep sleep. 





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