Twinkle Toes

Melody, a home schooled dancer who gets accepted into "The Western Dance Academy" in California. When she gets to the school she becomes friends with a fellow dancer named Jennifer. When Melody and Jennifer go to sign up for the school's annual Talent Show, they run into the school's quote on quote Mean Girl. Will Jennifer and Melody win the Talent Show? Or will the Mean Girl steal the spotlight?
*Cover made by ThingsWillChange on Movellas*


10. Act 1:Sharing Information

~Melody's POV~

"Wait, I don't know your name. Nor your phone number?" I asked him before I left, "Let me write it down.. And the name is Micheal." as he gave me his phone number I told him bye. When I reached the doors to our room I called Jennifer on the walkie-talkie. "Jenn you there?"  "Yea, why?"She responded" Casey fell down the stars and is in the infirmary. Come quick!" I lied. When she got back I asked her what happened.

"It's been 10 minutes, what did you learn?"

"I learned that she has dated, and slept with, most of the guys on campus. What did you learn?" She told me,

"I learned that she's a jerk, won the talent show 3 times! Also she is the ex-girlfriend to Micheal!" I told her,

"Wait who's Micheal." Jenn asked me,

"The boy you left me with duh..." I responded, I look at my phone and see I have a voice mail.... "I have a voice mail.." I tell Jenn, "Open it!" Jenn yelled back at me. "Melon, stay away from Micheal he's mine! Love Georgia!"


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