Twinkle Toes

Melody, a home schooled dancer who gets accepted into "The Western Dance Academy" in California. When she gets to the school she becomes friends with a fellow dancer named Jennifer. When Melody and Jennifer go to sign up for the school's annual Talent Show, they run into the school's quote on quote Mean Girl. Will Jennifer and Melody win the Talent Show? Or will the Mean Girl steal the spotlight?
*Cover made by ThingsWillChange on Movellas*


7. Act 1: Starting off

~Melody's POV~

After we signed up, we walked back to the practice room. "Mel, I've meant to ask... Who gave you that charm bracelet to you?" Jennifer asked me, "My dad did..." I told her followed by some tears. "It's ok, I lost my mom to cancer.." After we got changed we started practicing "Talk Dirty" I did't miss a step until... BAM I fell on my face.. "Ow.." I whined, "Sorry, NOT" that same blonde girl said, "Nice one Erin!" She said to the brunette beside her.

~Jennifer's POV~

"the eff are you doing here?" I shot at the blonde. She didn't look like she was ready to dance. Stilettos, a mini skirt, and no bag.

"I came to tell you you can't do talk dirty, because we are. So hand over the choreography."

the nerve. I can't believe her. "Okay." I said and walked over to my bag. "WHAT?! NO! WE HAD IT FIRST!" Melody yelled. "Mel. They want it," I pulled out my notebook, "they can have-" I dropped the notebook and held up my middle finger. "Just kidding!" I said as innocently as possible walked back to Mel. She was laughing ridiculously hard at their expressions. They were so shocked at my response they walked out. It wasn't until I pressed restart on my iPod and we stared again, that I realized there was someone else in the room. "Melllllllllll....." She had stopped too. "Who's there?" She yelled. It was starting to get dark. "Just me." A male voice rang through the silent studio. We wasted no time. I grabbed my iPod we grabbed our bags and ran all the way to our room. 

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