Twinkle Toes

Melody, a home schooled dancer who gets accepted into "The Western Dance Academy" in California. When she gets to the school she becomes friends with a fellow dancer named Jennifer. When Melody and Jennifer go to sign up for the school's annual Talent Show, they run into the school's quote on quote Mean Girl. Will Jennifer and Melody win the Talent Show? Or will the Mean Girl steal the spotlight?
*Cover made by ThingsWillChange on Movellas*


6. Act 1: Mean Girls

                                       Melody.                                  Jennifer 


~Jennifer's POV~

After we dropped our bags at the room we left to explore the campus. We saw the canteen, the ballet studio, jazz studio, the auditorium, the hip hop studio,the musical theatre room, contemporary room, tap studio, and in the middle there was a building bigger than the rest. The performing theatre. There was a poster on the door that advertised the talent show. And a sign up sheet. We headed towards it and someone walked up behind us. She looked at least one year older than us. 

She looked at us with severe distaste, as if we were peasants in her kingdom, "what are you doing?"

~Melody's POV~

"Signing up for the talent show! That's what." I responded sounding bubbly, "LOL, you should just quit so you like don't embarrass yourself's! Cause I win every year!" This blondie mocked as she said it. "Well your not gonna win this year, Blondie!" I shouted back at her, "Wow, did you even go to school?" Blondie asked me, "Not a public school.. I was home schooled..." "Wow that explains alot!" She said as she walked away. I started to cry I couldn't keep the tears in for so long. "It's ok, we'll show her!" Jennifer told me. "We, will?" I pushed away the tears 'Yea, and I know how to do it!'

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