Twinkle Toes

Melody, a home schooled dancer who gets accepted into "The Western Dance Academy" in California. When she gets to the school she becomes friends with a fellow dancer named Jennifer. When Melody and Jennifer go to sign up for the school's annual Talent Show, they run into the school's quote on quote Mean Girl. Will Jennifer and Melody win the Talent Show? Or will the Mean Girl steal the spotlight?
*Cover made by ThingsWillChange on Movellas*


12. Act 1: he's here.

~Jennifer's POV~

"It's him! He's here! He wants me and he will try to kill you!" I cried while hugging my best friend. She hugged me back and started swaying back and forth, "Shhh. It's okay Jenny. It was only a dream." She was soothing. I looked up. "Mel," I sniffled, "We can't be friends. He will kill me, then kill you if he has to. I can't possibly put my best friend in danger." She just stared at me. 

"That's part of the job!" She tried to sound cheery. I laughed. "You really want to be my friend?" I asked, hoping I knew the answer.

"OF COURSE!" She said, hugging me, "BFFS right?" We got up and went to the kitchen. We made tea and sat down. Then I told her about the man who is trying to hurt us. "Well, when I was five, he kidnapped me from school, then when I was ten, he randomly shows up at my birthday party. Mel," I looked up from my peppermint tea, "What?" She asked. "That's who we heard in the studio. MEL WHAT IF HE SHOWS UP DURING CLASS TOMORROW?" It was getting hard to breathe. I ran to my purse and grabbed my asthma inhaler. I was panicking. "Jen, who is this?" Melody asked.

~Melody's POV~

"My dad." Jen replied. "Your dad?!?!" I yelled, "Yes my dad." Jen replied. I walked over to Jen and hugged her, "It's gonna be alright. He won't find you, if he knows what's good for him!" I told her, "You want to watch Dance Moms?" I asked "Sure.." Jen responded. As we walked to the TV, I felt a sharp pain in my rib, "Ow.." I mumbled, "You ok?" Jen asked, "Yea just nothing, stubbed my toe." I lied... "Are you sure you stubbed your toe, I saw you clutch your rib." Jen confronted me, "I just stubbed my toe, clutching my rib it what my body does naturally." I lied again. "Ok..." Jen replied. 

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