Ava Jones. She is a main character who loves to be shy. When her friend Rachel sets her up, what is she to do? Did i also mention she is pregnant? Hope you love it. Please like, comment and favorite :) Violetbabe__


5. chapter 5


We chatted for about an hour before she gave me Liam’s number. I wasn’t sure if I should ring him or not, but if I did decide to what would I say? It would be a bit awkward. We said our farewells, and we parted out to our separate busses. Rachel doesn’t really know me well enough to know how I feel about the twins; she doesn’t know me enough to know that I’ve had blind dates. This Liam guy, he sounds nice. I haven’t been on a date since the day Connor left me. Connor is the father of my babies, he used to abuse me and hit me and stuff. He got put in prison a few months back, about 2 to be precise. I loved him, so much. I just don’t think that I am ready for a new boyfriend. What happens if he mistreats me like Connor did?

On the bus ride home I held my stomach, and I began to think about what their names could be. I wanted two boys, called Phoenix and Jordan. I loved those names ever since I was a child. My best friend as a child was called Jordan, and we went everywhere together. We went to festivals and we got tattoos together at the age of 14. Sadly, he moved to America last year, and after that I never could trust anyone enough to let them be my friend. And it only damaged me more when Connor hit me. That really dented my confidence.

Before you ask, yes I do have parents. It’s just that I don’t know them. I was raised in an orphanage. It wasn’t a nice experience for a child. So, when you turn 18 you get kicked out and you have to fend for yourself. I got bullied and everyone used to pick on my short hair. Also, I used to wear really thick rimmed glasses, which looked really nerdy. You can imagine the pain I went through as a child. Anyway, I am trying to get over my past and focus on my future. That was my new found motto.

I decided to go shopping, with the little money I had left in my purse. I needed some new jeans, as my ones have loads of rips and they don’t look that cool. Croydon was the most obvious choice to go, but I chose to go to Bromley. As, it is small and quaint and it is nice for a girl like me to get away once and a while. So, I missed my stop to go to Bromley as my bus goes straight to Bromley. It wasn’t long on the bus.

I got off the bus when it reached the end of the route, which also happened to be my stop. This place wasn’t this busy. I walked around and I searched for some clothes shops, I managed to find a Primark in a shopping centre. I browsed for some high wasted jeans. I found a 12, and they looked decent. I made my way to the changing rooms. They fitted fine, considering my massive baby bump. I checked out and walked out the store in a hurry. It was kind of claustrophobic in there. On my way out I found and man sitting on the bench looking at his phone. My heart skipped a beat; I walked past him and sat next to him.

He took no notice of me and he kept scrolling on Tumblr. “Hi,” I said nervously and I touched him on the arm. I felt my stomach as the twins kicked a little. They had never kicked before. Something told me they like him. “Oh, hi,” he says and looks my way. He was really cute. His eyebrows were thick and heavy. His smile was perfect, and those dimples were just gorgeous. “I am Ava,” I said holding my stomach. It didn’t look like he catches on. He nods his head and goes bright red. Awkwardly he gets up and says “Sorry, uh… I have to go” he walks away and scratches his head awkwardly. I stood up and walked towards the bus stop.

How come whenever I try to make a move, they are never interested? And whenever someone tries to make a move on me I am not interested? At the bus stop were some old ladies as usual. I genuinely do not know why old ladies like benches, they also like ducks! Benches and ducks? I don’t 

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