Ava Jones. She is a main character who loves to be shy. When her friend Rachel sets her up, what is she to do? Did i also mention she is pregnant? Hope you love it. Please like, comment and favorite :) Violetbabe__


2. Chapter 2

I finally made my way out of the maze, called Operal Hospital. The bus stop was right outside, with a few old ladies sitting down on the bench. What is it with old ladies and benches? I have never known. The crossing led towards the bus stop, I pushed the button. I waited for what seems for ever before the green man came on the sign. On the other side of the stop was a couple pushing two buggies, I clutched my stomach. Seeing someone with twins scares me, also they were a couple. That should made life a little bit easier. The walk to bus stop was about a minute, but somehow in that minute the bus came. I ran, as fast I could without hurting myself. The stupid bus driver found it funny to just drive away. So, I sat on my own for the next bus. Why are some people so rude?

I walked down the bus to the back, where a bunch of young teenagers were sitting. They were scratching some words on the window with some knives. “Excuse me you know you really should not be doing that.” I said and leaned towards them. One of them looked at me and returned to the window. “Yeah, you the deaf boy. You should not be doing that. Because when I was a kid, I did that. I went to a cell for 3 months. That is not what you want to happen, is it?” I asked them. I clutched my stomach, then they realised that I was pregnant. “Sorry, it’s just that we have nothing better to do…” one of the females said in a hushed voice. I thought for a second. “Well you could go to the park and play some games! Vandalism is not the correct way to fix boredom.” I said sternly. I then told them the next bus stop was the park, luckily they got off. I felt proud to have dealt with them myself. I saw them as the bus drove past, they waved. I stared out of the small window until we reached my stop.

Blanchmans is the name of the estate I lived on. It was not that nice. There are drunks outside my flat; there are homeless people and more drunk people. The flat I live in had 23 floors, it is actually quite tall. It is a grey brick building with the red edging around each window and balcony. I walked up to it with my key to open the front door. When I went inside, I was not surprised to find another drunk on the floor holding a bottle of gin. I was tempted to fix this man up, but I was tired. I just walked up to the mail box thing. I used my other key to open my mail, nothing interesting. It was mainly just junk mail. Holding my bags, keys, mail and a pen I walked towards the elevator which led up to my apartment. My flat wasn’t anything special.

I got off at floor 13, my lucky number. The doors were red; however my door was the only door on the floor which was blue. Blue, again. I fumbled with my keys, I eventually managed to jam the keys in the door and open it. The door flung open and in I fell. On my oddly shaped sofa, I lay. I really just wanted to stay there, I wanted to forget about the world around me, and I wanted to forget that I was pregnant, about the twins. Somehow, I found the courage to stand up and close the door. I sat on my sofa again, my head in my hands. I huffed and stood up. “Well, better get cracking on then.” I said to myself. I really considered myself mad. I had talked to myself in public and people have stopped me. But, that doesn’t bother me; I don’t care what other people think of me. I walked over into my plain bedroom. I found my phone on the bedside cabinet.

I had one message from Rachel, ‘Hey, do you want to talk? I need to tell you something…” It worried me to death she gave me these messages. Rachel was always a happy person, like an optimistic. Her ginger hair made her stand out. Rachel and I were best friends. She understands me, like no-one else does. She is the only one who knows who the father is. I replied to her text with a simple ‘okay’ I put my phone in my oversized pockets. She calls me a few minutes later, “Hey, why don’t we meet at chuff’s café?” she asked me. I put the phone in between my shoulder and ear. “Yeah, sure meet you tomorrow at 1, okay?” I asked. “Sure, bye…” She replied. I hung up. I really don’t like to end 


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