Ava Jones. She is a main character who loves to be shy. When her friend Rachel sets her up, what is she to do? Did i also mention she is pregnant? Hope you love it. Please like, comment and favorite :) Violetbabe__


14. Chapter 14

“Yeah, sure” said Harry. Harry sat next to Daniel. “No drinking dares for me please,” I said before Lewis began to talk. They all nodded, I trusted them not to.

Ryan had to go first for a truth or dare, he was chosen by Lewis. “Truth or dare?” asked Lewis, and he stroked his chin. Everyone laughed, except Ryan, like normal. “Truth,” said Ryan. Lewis had to think before his face lit up. “Ryan, what was the name of your girlfriend?” asked Lewis, who seemed quite proud of himself. “I… I.. Her name was R.. Regan” Ryan stammered while he spoke. Everyone oohed him. “Ava, Truth or DARE” He smiled, and that was the first time I had seen him smile. His face seemed a lot nicer not screwed up. He had two piercings in his left ear.

“Dare!” I said and I giggled. Liam rubbed my back, and another shivering sensation came over me. I loved him, so much. He probably doesn’t like me though. “Hmm, Ava, I dare you to kiss Liam.” He laughed really hard! I smiled “How long for?” I said quite confidently. Liam’s face went bright red! He looked very embarrassed, “10 seconds.” Said Ryan. He laughed harder than I have ever heard anyone laugh before. I looked at Liam, and leant in. He was shocked and he didn’t know what to do. I just kissed him. Our lips touched, and sparks went off in the distance, that sounded really cheesy. But sparks really did fly between us.

“Alright, Alright!!! That’s enough, gross!” said Lewis and Daniel. Ryan stopped laughing and he now had a stern look on his face. Lewis and Daniel were laughing now, but Harry was on his phone. “Harry! Truth or Dare?” I said and pointed towards Harry. He looked up from his phone and he had a shocked look on his face. It then turned into a funny face, everyone laughed. Even Ryan. “Truth,” said Harry. I got a bit upset, I had the perfect dare for him. “You wimp! Okay, Truth. Who would you date out of everyone here?” I said and fell backwards laughing. Harry giggled. Liam helped me back up.

“I would date Daniel!!” He laughed and fell backwards, like I did. Daniel was mortified, Harry got up and made kissing noises in Daniel’s face. It wasn’t hard to see that Daniel was uncomfortable. Things wrapped up pretty quickly. The sun went in and we all went inside. Harry, Daniel and Ryan sat on the couch. Liam, Ryan and I sat on the floor. “Guys, I don’t feel like cooking today!?” he Liam and he huffed after he said it. I got up and came back in with a take away menu in my hand. “What about this?” I said giving it to Liam and sat back down. He scanned the menu and turned his nose up, “Well I guess we could get take away?” said Liam and he looked around to Ryan.

We all decided to get takeaway, because I persuaded everyone.  We got pizza and we all had our own supersize, how was I going to manage? A week ago I didn’t think I would even be alive this long, if it want for Liam taking me in I wouldn’t be in such a happy state. Things were looking up for me and this didn’t seem like such a problem any-more. Liam had offered to take me shopping tomorrow but I didn’t accept. I can survive with these clothes, it took a lot of persuading for him to get me to come around. I really don’t like it when he spends money on me. How do they even earn money?

“Rock paper scissors for who answers the door,” Said Harry, we all nodded. WE all took turns to verse each-other.  It ended up that Ryan had to answer the door, he didn’t seem to impressed. Ryan still hadn’t taken any notice of me; I really want to see what he is like when he is in a normal mood. He must be a nice person really. I can’t blame him if his long term girlfriend broke up with him. It must be a difficult time for him. 

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