Ava Jones. She is a main character who loves to be shy. When her friend Rachel sets her up, what is she to do? Did i also mention she is pregnant? Hope you love it. Please like, comment and favorite :) Violetbabe__


12. chapter 12

look. I understand, that I was a complete stranger to him. I was also moving in with him. The living room had blue accents with it. The walls however were Orange. Whoever decorated in this place did pretty well. The television was mounted on the wall. Ryan was at the end of the 4 seated sofa, whereas Liam was at the other end. And Daniel was over by the Window, he was looking for something.

Lewis was very kind to me, he also showed me upstairs. This consisted of 5 bedrooms. I didn’t see inside them, and I didn’t think I wanted to. I came downstairs to see Liam had a red face, and his head was rested in his hands. I sat next to Liam, because I was to uncomfortable next to Ryan or Daniel. He put his hand on my stomach, and he looked into my eyes. I felt like I belonged somewhere, for once in my life.

“Honey I’m home!!!!!” Someone had burst through the door. Everyone laughed, except me. “Who is the chick?” He asked. The man came in and took his coat of. I hid behind Liam a bit, Liam had saw that I was afraid and he held my hand. “Ava, it’s okay. This is Harry, our other roommate. He lives here!” He said and let go of my hand. “Harry, this is Ava. She is my friend who was homeless. She lives with us now. And she is pregnant.” He said this was pointing at me. Harry was tall, and he had slight ginger hair. Despite that he was pretty cute.

We had all sat on the sofa for a while just talking. Until Liam gets up, and he goes into the kitchen. I feel lost without him; no one else seems to like me that much. Apart from Lewis, but Ryan just ignored me. Ryan had a sleeve of tattoos on both arms, and also a few on his leg and neck. We all sat in silence and watched the telly. Until Ryan spoke to me “You know he is only doing this because he likes you.” He said in a flat tone. In the matter of seconds my cheeks went from normal to tomato red. All the boys started to laugh, I smiled. I was still red when Liam came in, he was holding some hot chocolate in both his hands. He gave one to me, and he sat down with the other one for him. My face was bright red still. “Guys what did you do to her?” Liam asked pointing towards my face. The guys giggled again, I laughed as well. “Never mind…” said Daniel.

Harry had gone upstairs to get changed, and Daniel and Ryan had left to go outside. So it ended up with Liam, Lewis and I. The blue leather sofa was where I thought I would be sleeping, because there were only 5 bedrooms. “So where is she going to sleep?” asked Lewis. He seemed a bit confused. “In my bedroom. The sofa isn’t a place where a pregnant woman should be sleeping.” He said a bit concerned.  Lewis giggled a bit, I gave a dirty look. I hadn’t known him for more than an hour, but it felt like I knew him forever.

The boys had gone to bed and Liam and I were still in the living room. “You know, you don’t have to share a bed with me, I can sleep on the sofa.” I said and I looked into his deep brown eyes. He shrugged, “We won’t be sharing,” he looked away. “What do you mean? I am not letting you sleep on the floor!” I touched him lightly on the shoulder. He got up and went upstairs, I thought I should follow him. All 4 bedroom doors were shut, apart from Liam’s room and the bathroom. Liam walked into his bedroom and went down some drawers. “Here wear these,” He said and threw me a pair of his boxers and a small tee.

I walked into the bathroom and got changed into the clothes he gave me, it was a small bathroom. With white tiles on the floor. And a shower in the corner. I walked out and he was on a mattress, I felt bad. “Here, let me sleep on that!” I said sitting on the edge of the bed. His bedroom was a green 

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