Ava Jones. She is a main character who loves to be shy. When her friend Rachel sets her up, what is she to do? Did i also mention she is pregnant? Hope you love it. Please like, comment and favorite :) Violetbabe__


1. chapter 1

Hospitals are a worthless place. The chairs are blue, and so is your mood. No-one cares for the poor people, not even the doctors. Blue eyes, blue trousers. Why Blue? I can only tell you the truth. Blue. No-one knows, not even me. However, I do not know anything. I am just a dumb blonde, just a beggar, just a poor person, just a thick girl who dropped out of school to help her parents. I felt my stomach, I held my self. The doctors called “Ava Jones?” this middle aged lady came out and shook my hand. They were sweaty and shaky and very pale, my hands were horrible. This doctor gave me a false smile through gritted teeth. I can hold my breath, I can keep my opinion. No-one knows me well enough to care for me, so I am alone. I walked carefully into the massive hallway; the walls were decorated with animal’s paintings, the children’s ward.

The smell of hand gel and sanitary items were among the air. The doctor walked in front of me sitting in a small spinning chair, which was blue. The bench on the other side of the room had some monitor next to it; it had a device hooked up to it. “Hello Ava, I am Dr Steele, I want you to lay down for me…” she asked me while pointing towards that chair like bed thing. It was hard to get my foot up onto the bed. No, I am not fat. The doctor had to help me up, it was very embarrassing. She reached towards a shelf to pull out some sort of jelly. She put gloves on, “Right, this might be cold.” She said while smearing the clear jelly onto my belly.

 “Your only two months, aren’t you?” she asked while moving the device along my stomach. I nodded, and the doctor’s face screwed up. I closed my eyes, to try to make this whole thing go a lot faster. I re-opened them to see the doctor on the phone. I blue phone. “Yeah, can I have Dr Left please… thank you.” She smiled, not realising that she was on the phone. I shut my eyes again, what have I done know? Dr Steele was still dragging this small razor like object up and down my stomach.

It was a whole 10 minutes before ‘Dr Left’ appeared. The man walked over to me, and he chatted to the doctor. I wanted to tune it out; it did not want to listen to what was wrong with me or my baby. He or She was safe, and that was all that matters. “Okay Ava, it appears to be two babies, we think you’re having twins.” He said sternly. I felt like I was at school again. “What do you mean ‘think’?” I sassed the doctor. I looked down at my large stomach, it wasn’t that big. “I mean that you ARE having twins, Ava?” he cocked his head to look at my pale face. I didn’t want look at his face, how could I cope? I am a single mother, on benefits and I can barely take care of myself let alone twins. I was so doomed.

I was two months pregnant, with a house with one bedroom. It wasn’t even a house it was a damp flat. My flat was bare and cold, it smelled like alcohol. I guess we can’t all be big movie stars with massive mansions. No-one wants me to work for them, as I have no qualifications. I can’t afford to go to university. Plus, no-one wants to hire a pregnant lady. I had a job as a teen handing out leaflets out on the streets. It wasn’t that exiting, but then I suppose that my life is not that exiting.

I stood up and had a chat with Dr Left, he was nice and empathetic. He went on about smoking and drugs; I don’t do any of that stuff. He gave me some sort of leaflet and I took it and placed it neatly in my left pocket. I was sure I wasn’t going to read it. “I better be off now…” I said looking at my shoes, the doctors nodded. I walked over to the door and swung my head around and then I said thank you. I walked through the same hallway. It was printed with all these animals, the one that caught my eye was a monkey, and he was swinging on a branch. It was blue. I don’t get blue, it is always a weird colour, and you can use it for sad and happy things. 

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