I didnt know

Im dating Harry and know i only did it with him so why does he look like Louis and why does the DNA match my child as Louis as the father?


1. A House Full

Hey mom can i go to the beach with Kaitlyn?

Sure but remember your new curfew 11pm. Ok?

Yaya i know see later bye

Bye Leah!

To Kaitlyn

Hey i come come see you there in 5. Ok?

From Kaitlyn.

Ok sounds good see you then an be prepared for a sob story

To Kaitly

Ummm ok?

I slipped on some pink flip flops that matched my pink chiffon shirt and my white shorts. Then i was out the door an ran down to the beach, since i live in Hawaii i have amazingly close access to the beach. When i got to the beach i saw Kaitlyn in the sand crying.

Kaitlyn! Whats wrong? I asked

Between tears she yelled Ggage knnocked mme up got me pregnant thhen wwhen i told him hhe just lleft mme.

That jackass!!

Yya know my pparents are kkicking me out of the hhouse an i hhave nowhere to sstay

It will be ok dont worry i can see if you can stay with me ill call my mom later but who are those boys walking up to us?

Oh my gosh! Thats One Direction!! Screams Kaitlyn

Ughhh i hate their music but.... On the other hand they are really hot.

Hello ladies said the one with the curly haired one, Harry , the boys and i are looking for a place to stay see we are living here for the summer but the places we are staying in wont be done for a week and all the hotels are filled because of the surfing competition and so we were wondering if you fine ladies might be able to let us stay at your place?

Well i got kicked out of mine so im living at Leahs.

Well i guess i could see if you Kaitlyn and all the 1D boys could stay i mean we have enough room, if Kaitlyn stayed in my room with me and 2 of you stayed in my brothers old room and 2 of you in 1 guest room and 1 of you in the other.

We could sure do that said the curly haired one, Harry but have you asked you mom yet?

Ill call her right now.

Hey mom?

Ya honey?

Um well Kaitlyn got kicked out of her house and One Direction needs a place to stay for 1 week so i was wondering if they could all stay at our house?

Well we have enough room but thats alot of people

Come on mom pleeease they really need a place to stay!

Alright fine

Thank you sooo much mom ill see you soon bye

She said yes! You can all stay at my place!

Ps sorry the chapter was short

Pps the good stuff will happen in the next chapter i write

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