Same mistakes


3. The Start Of All Mistakes

The Start Of All Mistakes : chapter 3

"C'mon really class had to start" I yelled

As we walked to class I heard some one crying

"Hey guy I'll meet you in class I'll be right back okay" I said as I walk to where I heard the crying

I was that girl Stephanie and an old fried of mine James he was punching her and doing other stuff to her that hurt her

"You think you can just walk away like that when I'm asking you a fucking question huh well I guess I'll have to te-" he said as I cut him off

"Well well if it isn't My old friend James hurting another innocent girl" I said in a playful voice

"Styles nice to see you again as well" he said back as he through her on the floor

"Ya, you know if I were you I would probably walk away now before I end up in the hospital again" I said back in a manly tone

"Okay fine I'll leave your damn little girlfriend alone" he said as he walked away

I started to walk closer to her and she just moved back and she looked so terrified

"Please d-don't h-hurt me!!!" She said with fear

"Don't worry I'm not, but other guys and girls will C'mon me and you have the same class next" I said nicely

"Okay" she said quietly

I gave her a smile

"T-thanks for helping me back there" she said in a normal tone

"No prob" I told her

We walked into the class

During the whole class she just kept look in' at me


I walked out she was waiting at the door for me

"Look I know this is sudden but will you go out with me?" She asked

"Hahahahah ha!! Please me and you never I have no clue why you would ask me that" I said laughing


She slapped me super hard in the face

"It's called having fucking respect and plus why the hell would you fucking laugh like that in my face you idiot" she yelled and walked away

That's when I knew I did the biggest mistake of my damn life

Five months passed by and she still wouldn't talk to Me. I was 19 by then. From that day I knew I would hate my self forever

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