Same mistakes


1. How it all began

Hi I'm super super super excited cause this is my first book ever so now I'll stop talking and you just enjoy this story

How it all began : chapter 1

It all started when my mum and dad got divorced. My name is Harry Styles, was only 12 years old when my mum and dad got divorced. My mum left me and my dad and you can say that my dad was a not so great dad when I was 15 my dad got killed so I was all alone.

Every moment of my life I felt like I was just a big mistake. But what I didn't know was that my future was my destiny.

2010 I was adopted by a woman who was very rich I was 16 years old when I was adopted by my new or should I say my real mum.

My mum showed me around the house and she introduced me to my whole new family.

I had a sister she was one year younger than me, then she took me to my room it was big with dark blue walls a huge windows and a flat screen TV, a giant closet the size of a room and more than one hundred outfits to wear, and a king sized bed with a desk by the side

All thought I had a lot of money and other cool stuff I was still unhappy. My life still felt like a mistake. Every moment feel like a lifeless moment.

Months passed by and I was 18 by then my mum left a note on my desk

The note : Harry I'm sorry but I had to leave early to work and I won't be home until later so see you later

"Love mum"

I got up and brushed my teeth I changed into a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans

I sat back down on my bed and started looking threw my phone I had no one to text besides my sister but she is only one room away from my "C'mon!!!!!!" I yell

I dropped my phone again and it got cracked from the screen I yelled "sis I'm heading out to get a new phone cause my phone fucking cracked open from the screen, so bye see ya' later"

She yelled " ok bye and be careful!!!!"

I came back home around 2:30 and my sister had a date with her boyfriend Louis which he was also my best mate so ya.

So I was alone at my house so I called come friend over. I called Zayn. Niall, and Liam.

We play a few games on my X-Box by the time they left it was 9:25 "oh shit!!!!" I said I almost forgot tomorrow was the first day of school my sister got home and went to her room I walked in and I found her sound asleep, I'm guessing she was supper tired from her date so I walked to my room and went straight to sleep.

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