My King

Jessica Gallopsby was a shy young Alicorn. She had always been this way. Infact,
the only thing to ever bring her out of her bubble was a young kolt by the name of
Sombra. He befriended her when they were only fillys, and their friendship only changed
when Sombra changed. When Sombra became cursed and began to take over The Crystal Empire, Jessica had to suffer, as he didn't seem to remember his old friend. She became a slave like the other Crystal ponies for many years, having to now call him King Sombra. Life was torturous until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna banished King Sombra, who took the Crystal Empire with him. After 1000 years the Crystal Empire finally returned, and thanks to 6 young mares, Jessica began to regain her memories. But after being so called destroyed by the Crystal Heart forever, all the Crystal ponies feel safe once more. But Princess Celestia has plans for Jessica that will change her life forever...


2. When I First Met Him

You probably want me to explain what on earth I was talking about in chapter 1... Am I right? Well I shall have to start my story at the very begining, rather than jumping to all the juicy bits that come later... Sorry about that... Anyway, when I was just a filly living within the Crystal Empire, I was very shy, and always tripping over my four left hooves. I didn't talk to anybody, apart from my mum and dad. My father was a very magical Unicorn. He taught me how to do very powerful magic that could kill if you got the spell wrong. As for my mother, she was a beautiful, but quiet Pegasi. She wasn't a very strong flyer, and she's where I got my clumsiness from most likely. But besides being a bad flyer, she actually taught me well, and I fly better in the air, that I do walking on the ground. It was quite rare that I was born an Alicorn, but not impossible. But even though I was both Unicorn and Pegasi, I still had a hard time fitting in. Mainly because every pony was jelous of me being both magical and capable of flight. Every school I went to I was bullied most horribly. Every single young pony, bar one picked on me.


The pony that never once picked on me or came near me was a shy young kolt, who didn't really talk to anypony. He had dark grey fur, and blood red eyes. He wore a red scarf, that he appeared to wear every single day, even though it wasn't cold outside. But I didn't care what he was wearing, because like me, he was also bullied a lot of the time. They would call him 'Shadow Pony' because he was so quiet all the time. He never put his hoof up in classes, and he always sat at the back of class looking nervously from side to side. Watching him made me realize I wasn't the only lonely one, and I understood how he felt. One day I plucked up the courage to sit next to him to see if he would try and talk to me during class. The other kolts and fillies walked past muttering insults to me, and saying "Oh my gosh Sombra, your shadow is more entertaining. Compared to you, your shadow never shuts up". I just hid under my desk till they went to their seats. While under the table, I looked beside me to come face to face with the young kolt, shivering nervously beside me. I quickly dared myself to say 'hi', and then rushed out from under the table, banging my head along the way. Shooting pains crawled their way along my head, as I rubbed my head with my hoof. Everypony laughed at me, except Sombra. I hid shamefully behind my hooves, and said nothing the rest of the day. I was a bit upset that Sombra never said 'hi' back to me. But just as I was about to leave, a pony came rushing up behind me, shouted "hi!", and then bolted into the distance. After screaming with shock, it took me quite some time to process everything that had just happened. I finally realized it was Sombra who had said 'hi' to me. I wore a smile on my face all the way home.


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