My King

Jessica Gallopsby was a shy young Alicorn. She had always been this way. Infact,
the only thing to ever bring her out of her bubble was a young kolt by the name of
Sombra. He befriended her when they were only fillys, and their friendship only changed
when Sombra changed. When Sombra became cursed and began to take over The Crystal Empire, Jessica had to suffer, as he didn't seem to remember his old friend. She became a slave like the other Crystal ponies for many years, having to now call him King Sombra. Life was torturous until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna banished King Sombra, who took the Crystal Empire with him. After 1000 years the Crystal Empire finally returned, and thanks to 6 young mares, Jessica began to regain her memories. But after being so called destroyed by the Crystal Heart forever, all the Crystal ponies feel safe once more. But Princess Celestia has plans for Jessica that will change her life forever...


5. Sombra's Downfall

"What in Equestria was that thing?!" I said with panic in my voice. Sombra shook his head and said "I have no idea, but I'm going to find out". I didn't want to say anything, but I had a feeling it was all because of that evil book. That shadow horse only appeared after Sombra had read that book, chanted those words backwards, and appeared to have been casting some kind of evil spell while under his trance. Sombra ran outside, and I quickly ran after him. We must have been in the library for quite a while, because the ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and it was only snowly lightly. Had we been frozen in time? How could it be snowing? Something really doesn't seem right about the world at the moment... Sombra continued to run through town, until he came to a hill of snow at the outskirts of the Crystal Empire. He stopped and looked out upon the scenery. It would have seemed beautiful if I wasn't so scared.


Sombra suddenly became quite still, he appeared mesmerized by something. I walked up beside him and gasped at the sight. I saw what appeared to be Sombra's shadow come to life. It was the strange dark horse that stood outside the library, then vanished. What worried me even more was the fact that the mysterious living shadow had the Crystal Heart floating at his side. I panicked, because without the Crystal Heart the Crystal ponies can't power it to ward off evil. Sombra could see how worried I was, as I shivered partly because I was worried, but mainly because I was freezing cold. Sombra must have noticed me shivering, because with a spark of red light, he made his scarf appear around my neck. He said with a smile "that is the first time I've ever taken off my scarf since I put it on the day my father died". I smiled appreciatevly, as we both returned to staring at the shadow horse. As the Crystal Heart dissapeared into thin air, my heart lurched painfully. I could already feel the love and hope draining out of me. Without the Crystal Heart we Crystal Ponies are nothing. Sombra became so enraged by the shadow, that he began to charge towards it. There was no stopping him as I watched on the hill where I felt safer. I saw Sombra vanishes in a bubble of red sparks, and reappear on what seemed like the snowy battlefield before the shadow of himself. I gasped as I suddenly realized they were both stood on what was once the large lake. I began to pray that the ice would hold Sombra's weight.

Sombra and his living shadow stared at each other for a moment, rage within Sombra's eyes, evil green within the shadows eyes. They stood like statues, both daring each other to make the first move. Eventually Sombra became so enraged with evil starting to take over his heart, that he decided to make the first move. His horn glowed bright red as dozens of shards of red crystals began to form behind him. He stopped a moment to stare into the eyes of his living shadow, rage contorting across his face. With great concentration, he began to sway his head, directing the sharp shards of crystals towards the dark shadow horse like knives. As the red crystals rocketed through the air, the shadow horse lifted up his hoof, formed what look like a black swirling forcefield. Upon impact the crystal shards fell to the floor, now completely useless. As the crystal shards scattered all over the place, Sombra closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and began to think what his next move should be. His eyes remained closed as his horn glowed red once more, and he raised his head to the sky where a large sharp red crystal shaped like a sword had now formed. He opened his eyes, looked seriously at his living shadow, lowered his sword to his side, and with a large bang, cracking the ice, he began to bolt towards his enemy. But as he ran his living shadow shot black smoke with purple green rimmed bubbles at him. Upon impact, Sombra reared up in pain, his crystal sword splintered into many pieces, clattering to the floor behind him. Sombra looked down at his singed fur, panting with exaustion, he urged himself to face his enemy once more.


By now Sombra was apsolutely raging with anger growing powerfully within his soul. As his horn glowed red again he reared up aggressively, and smashed his hooves hard down upon the ground, releasing a sound louder than thunder. The ice cracked slightly beneath his hooves, as I gasped at the scene going on before me. As the cracks grew, they trailed their way towards Sombra's living shadow. As soon as the cracks touched the shadows feet, a large jagged red crystal sculpture lurched out from beneath the ice, sending the shadow horse flying through the air. The shadow horse smashed down hard upon his back, as Sombra quickly dissapeared in a red bubble, reappeareing on top of his living shadow, now pinning the enemy down it seemed. The shadow horse growled aggressively, as it struggled to free itself. Sombra was about to cast a spell upon his living shadow, but he did not realize that the ice was still cracking, and it was getting even worse. I heard the cracking sounds from the safety of the hill. I screamed out to try and alert Sombra. But as soon as he heard my voice and tried to get away quickly, the shadow horse melted into snake like shadows, tied around Sombra, pinning him to the spot. Sombra tried desperately to struggle free, but could not. He felt the ice slowly cracking beneath his back legs. He tried even harder to escape, but he was truly trapped. I couldn't do anything, and I knew what was going to happen next. I sent silent prayers, hoping Sombra would get away before he falls into the freezing cold lake.


Sombra tried to cast a dissapearing spell so he could reappear somewhere else, but he was too late. He felt the ice jolt down around him, and within a split second he hit the freezing cold water. He felt his heart turn cold, and for a moment he felt like all the life was being drained out of him. I saw him get dragged under by the black vines that had kept him prisonor. I screamed out, knowing it would do nothing, but I just couldn't help myself. I stood for what seemed like hours, but was only mere minutes, waiting, hoping, just praying Sombra would be able to fight the vines, and break free for air before it's too late. I just stood there on the hill, my mouth hung open with shock. As I began to give up hope, my eyes began to brim with tears. Had I really just lost my only friend?


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