My King

Jessica Gallopsby was a shy young Alicorn. She had always been this way. Infact,
the only thing to ever bring her out of her bubble was a young kolt by the name of
Sombra. He befriended her when they were only fillys, and their friendship only changed
when Sombra changed. When Sombra became cursed and began to take over The Crystal Empire, Jessica had to suffer, as he didn't seem to remember his old friend. She became a slave like the other Crystal ponies for many years, having to now call him King Sombra. Life was torturous until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna banished King Sombra, who took the Crystal Empire with him. After 1000 years the Crystal Empire finally returned, and thanks to 6 young mares, Jessica began to regain her memories. But after being so called destroyed by the Crystal Heart forever, all the Crystal ponies feel safe once more. But Princess Celestia has plans for Jessica that will change her life forever...


1. Introductions

QUICK NOTE BEFORE THE STORY BEGINS:- "Pictures in this book won't always link to the chapter their on... I am just putting up random pictures of Jessica Gallopsby with King Sombra that I did for DeviantART... Feel free to visit me on DeviantART as well, and enjoy the story".


Jessica Gallopsby is my original creation :D I am so darn proud of her! Please let me now what you think of her, and the story! Xx <3 xX Love all my fans xxxx

Hi, my name is Jessica Gallopsby. I want to start with my cutie mark, that first appeared when I conjured up my first ever spell. That is what makes me think that my blue star shaped Cutie Mark somehow represents magic... I also beleive it may be a beacon on hope, and telling me that one day I should follow the stars... But I'm just a silly young filly with a wide imagination! Anyway, I was born an Alicorn as my father was a Unicorn, and my mother was a Pegusi. To be born an Alicorn is very rare, and normally shows great power and responsibility. Alicorns show that they have royal blood, and are fit to rule. Infact, the only Alicorns around today are all Princesses, but not me. I was a very shy, and extremely clumsy Alicorn. I was even afraid of my own shadow, so falling in love with one seems a bit insane! You ask me how one falls in love with a shadow? Well, that dark shadow that haunts my dreams was once my best friend. That evil darkness was once kind and gentle. But over time something happened to my best friend, my only friend, and he became something so evil, I feared I may have lost him forever. Well anyway, enough of me moping about, I shall get straight to the story of my life with Sombra...


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