My King

Jessica Gallopsby was a shy young Alicorn. She had always been this way. Infact,
the only thing to ever bring her out of her bubble was a young kolt by the name of
Sombra. He befriended her when they were only fillys, and their friendship only changed
when Sombra changed. When Sombra became cursed and began to take over The Crystal Empire, Jessica had to suffer, as he didn't seem to remember his old friend. She became a slave like the other Crystal ponies for many years, having to now call him King Sombra. Life was torturous until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna banished King Sombra, who took the Crystal Empire with him. After 1000 years the Crystal Empire finally returned, and thanks to 6 young mares, Jessica began to regain her memories. But after being so called destroyed by the Crystal Heart forever, all the Crystal ponies feel safe once more. But Princess Celestia has plans for Jessica that will change her life forever...


17. Following An Old Map

Now I didn't really beleive my dream, however, the only way of finding out if I was truly visited by Princess Luna, was to lift the heavy boulder, and get digging for a map that wasn't even going to be there. I didn't beleive my magic was capable of lifting such a large boulder, but deep down I tried my best to beleive in myself. I bent down, dug my hooves into the ground, aimed my horn at the boulder, clenched my eyes tightly shut, and began to groan with exaustion as I felt power leaving my horn. I dared myself to open my eyes, and to my surprise the boulder was high above my head. I was so excited that I had managed to lift the boulder, that I suddenly stopped casting my spell. I only just managed to dive out from under the falling boulder, that fell down hard, dipping the snow down around it. I just about managed to cheer aloud with excitement, as I ran over to where the boulder once lay. I began to slowly did a hole with my hooves. Just as I was about to give up as the hole got even deeper, I noticed a bit of paper sticking out of the dirt. I gasped with amazement as I dug even quicker, hoping it was really a map, and not just a piece of rubbish.


When I finally managed to pull the piece of old paper from the ground, I shouted cheerfully at the sight of a map drawn onto it, leading to the exact tunnel Princess Luna  had specified. I listened faithfully to Princess Luna's instructions, and immediately began to follow the map, taking the long route, ensuring I avoid taking the train to Ponyville. It took me the rest of the night, and all day till night fell once again until I finally made it to the outskirts of Ponyville. I decided to avoid going into Ponyville, as I saw warning posters there also, alerting ponies about my presence. It appeared that every town was afraid of me, and all because of the red scarf. But I didn't care, I wouldn't take it off! It was the only thing that kept my love and hope strong. Not even the Crystal Heart could replenish my sparkle like the other Crystal Ponies, but whenever I looked at that red scarf around my neck, my sparkle returned for a short period of time.


I ran quickly around the outskirts of Ponyville, almost getting caught by a young pony taking a night stroll. The map led me to a neat little cottage. I was about to follow the map into the Everfree Forest, until I heard a door open up at the cottage. A shy sounding pony said quietly "Wh-whos there?!" I stopped dead in my tracks, turned to see Fluttershy, and said pleadingly "It's me Jessica... Please don't call for help!" Fluttershy tried to scream for help, but her attempt I must admit was very feeble and ridiculous. "H-help!" she whispered a scream afterwards. I ran to her as she tried to close her cottage door, but I was too quick for her. I practically threw myself desperately on top of her. It felt nice to be in a warm cottage, but given the surcomstances, I didn't care about that. I said again "please, I'm not here to hurt anyone. I don't care what anypony says. I am not a spy for King Sombra! Now if you would just let me explain!" Fluttershy went silent beneath my hoof, as I said slowly "now Fluttershy. I am going to take my hoof away from your mouth... Please don't scream... And I shall explain everything".


Fluttershy nodded nervously. I could feel her shivering beneath me as I got off of her. She scrambled to the back of her cottage, shuddering against the wall, hiding beneath her hooves. She cried silently "w-what do you want with me?!" I sat down beside the front door of the cottage and said seriously "nothing... I'm only passing through Ponyville on Princess Celestia's orders... She gave me a map, and Princess Luna visited me in a dream to instruct me... I'm on my way to Canterlot you see". I showed her the map from a distance as I didn't want her to see the tunnel, just incase she didn't trust me, called for help, and then I may have to do a runner. Fluttershy said nervously "so... If your truly not a spy for King Sombra, then why the posters?!" I sighed sadly as I bowed my head sorrowfully. I said as tears formed in my eyes "I love Sombra... You wouldn't understand... But I'm not a spy". Fluttershy looked shocked at what I had just said, but her face tried to smile as she said softly "I can try to understand... Please do explain yourself". She came out from behind her hooves, and slowly approached me.


I took a deep breath and then said slowly "well... I knew King Sombra when he was only known as Sombra... He was my only friend back in school, and I fell in love with him, and he loved me... I was there when he became King Sombra, I tried to stop him, but he was so into dark magic... Sombra gave me his scarf around my neck before he tried to fight off the evil living shadow of himself... I still beleive the Sombra within King Sombra still has a chance of escaping... I am on my way to Canterlot on Princess Celestia's orders... There I shall try and get some answers..." Fluttershy said with wonder "how did Sombra become evil in the first place". I sighed and said sadly "it was all because of a black book he found". Fluttershy tried to ask me more about the book, but I felt I really had to be in Canterlot soon, otherwise the Princesses may think I bailed on them. I said importantly "I really must be going, the princesses are expecting me afterall... Please don't tell anybody that I was here, or what I said to you..." Fluttershy said sweetly "don't worry Jessica, I won't say a word... Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye". I bowed my head respectfully and said hopefully "you do beleive me, don't you?" Fluttershy just simply said softly "yes, yes I do". I sighed with relief and said with a smile as I went to leave her cottage "I'm glad somepony does". As I headed into the Everfree Forest Fluttershy said cheerfully "bye Jessica! Good luck! I hope all goes well! Be careful though! The Everfree Forest is dangerous at daytime, but even more dangerous at night!" I said quietly "don't worry Fluttershy! I will be careful! I've faught off King Sombra, I can handle a few dark creatures in a forest!"


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