My King

Jessica Gallopsby was a shy young Alicorn. She had always been this way. Infact,
the only thing to ever bring her out of her bubble was a young kolt by the name of
Sombra. He befriended her when they were only fillys, and their friendship only changed
when Sombra changed. When Sombra became cursed and began to take over The Crystal Empire, Jessica had to suffer, as he didn't seem to remember his old friend. She became a slave like the other Crystal ponies for many years, having to now call him King Sombra. Life was torturous until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna banished King Sombra, who took the Crystal Empire with him. After 1000 years the Crystal Empire finally returned, and thanks to 6 young mares, Jessica began to regain her memories. But after being so called destroyed by the Crystal Heart forever, all the Crystal ponies feel safe once more. But Princess Celestia has plans for Jessica that will change her life forever...


6. A New Sombra

Even though I knew no pony could hold their breath that long, I still continued to stare at the hole in the ice, just hoping Sombra would come up for air any second. As the ice parts bobbed on the surface, I felt my heart lurch with excitement. I saw a green glow coming out from beneath the depths of the freezing cold water. As it got brighter and brighter, I had to once again shield my eyes. But I peered through my hooves, silently praying it was Sombra, and not his living shadow that was resurfacing. Suddenly a horse shot out of the water, floating within the green glowing light. I felt my heart sink to my toes with dissapointment. Then my heart jolted with fear. A horse with glowing green eyes, purple light flowing out the sides of it's eyes, and a red horn on the top of it's head had emerged. I looked on at the terrifying sight. Even though it wasn't Sombra, it felt like Sombra was still in there. Maybe Sombra could fight his shadow from the inside? The living shadow of Sombra landed lightly onto the ice. I kept on hoping, as the shadow began edging slowly towards me. A sick grin upon his face, as he let out an evil howl of laughter.


As he edged closer I noticed Sombra's once red crystal cutie mark had now been blacked out, as if his personality had died. I became even more terrified, as the moster continued to approach me. Eventually the living shadow was stood only inches infront of me. He opened his eyes for the second time since reappearing from the depths of the freezing cold lake. I gasped as I noticed that those once completely green glowing eyes now had Sombra's red eyes in the centre. At that point in time I knew that that living shadow had taken over Sombra's body, and maybe my friendship could break him free. I cried out "I know your in there Sombra! You need to fight it! For me! I love you!" For a moment the red eyes grew wider, and the green rim faded back to white slowly. For a second I felt like I had Sombra back, but not for long. The white faded back to glowing green, and the red pupils shrunk back down to nomal size. "Sombra are you there?" The living shadow looked at me menacingly, as an evil grin spread across it's face. The shadow horse raised his head to the sky and let out an evil laugh. The shadow horse said menacingly "that's King Sombra to you! Now bow before me slave!" As I bent down to the floor respectfully, I felt all the love and hope slowly leaving my body. Sombra really was gone... I just had to get used to that... Without the Crystal heart, King Sombra as the shadow now called himself had complete control over us. He could brainwash us anyway he likes, and we would have no power to defeat him.


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