Stay With Me

One of Movella's Top Ten Best 1D Fanfics!
Harry and Mae both feel lonely, but for different reasons. Harry is missing something he's struggling to find. Mae has a boyfriend, but she can't figure out why their relationship doesn't satisfy her.
Harry finds companionship, but is quickly turned away, empty again. Mae doesn't see a legitimate reason to breakup with her boyfriend, so she doesn't. When Harry and Mae are thrown together through music, will they find what they're missing?
*This story was inspired by the song Stay With Me by Sam Smith.


7. This ain't love, it's clear to see

 I wake up ready to be happy. Abi is wrapped in my arms and pressed against my body. I don’t know if she’ll still be upset, though. I stay still, thinking and waiting for her to wake up. Her phone ringing is what does the trick.

She scrambles out of my arms to get it. “Hello?” she asks. She heads out, leaving me alone in her room to keep thinking. What else is there to do?

“Good morning,” I say when she comes back. She barely hears me. Something is going on. I can see it on her face.

“You have to leave,” she tells me, gathering my clothes from off the floor and throwing them at me.

“What?” I ask.

“You have to leave, right now,” she commands me. She grabs my suitcase frantically and throws it on the bed. “Get dressed. Right now.”

She leaves the room once again, so I do what I’m told.

I throw my clothes in my suitcase, zip it, and leave the room in search of her. She is in the bathroom, gathering my toiletries, which she thrusts into my arms, causing me to drop the handle of my suitcase.

“Can I at least use them first?” I ask.

“There’s no time,” she says in a panic.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“He’s taking me back,” she says. “We’re getting back together. He’s coming over right now to talk. You have to leave.”

I bend down, unzip my suitcase, and drop my things inside. “I guess he doesn’t know about you and me,” I say.

“No, he doesn’t,” she responds, her words leaving her mouth in a hurry. “He can’t find out either.”

It doesn’t surprise me. He will never know about these last few days, if it’s up to her, I’m sure. I stand up and she dashes to the front door. “Come on, come on,” she says.

“Where do you expect me to go? I checked out of the hotel, remember?”

“I'm sure you can get a new room,” she tells me.

“How do you expect me to get anywhere?” I ask. The car that brought us here was full of security. They went home straight away. They weren’t waiting around to pick me up at the drop of a hat.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Take a cab. Let me know when you get…wherever,” she says. She kisses my cheek and ushers me out. “Thank you for being with me Harry. It really means a lot.”

“Sure,” I say.

I run for a few blocks, until I’m sure Abi’s boyfriend won’t see me. I pull out my phone and press a speed dial button. The phone rings a few times. “Gemma?” I ask when she picks up.

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