Stay With Me

One of Movella's Top Ten Best 1D Fanfics!
Harry and Mae both feel lonely, but for different reasons. Harry is missing something he's struggling to find. Mae has a boyfriend, but she can't figure out why their relationship doesn't satisfy her.
Harry finds companionship, but is quickly turned away, empty again. Mae doesn't see a legitimate reason to breakup with her boyfriend, so she doesn't. When Harry and Mae are thrown together through music, will they find what they're missing?
*This story was inspired by the song Stay With Me by Sam Smith.


13. Important Information

So I know this was short, but it's at it's end.
Don't freak out. It's because I've split it into three different books. The next one is called I Caught Myself, so keep a look out for it! I'll comment the link when I put it up.
Hope you loved book I! :D
Jules ♥

Update: The link for book II is in the description! :) 

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