Stay With Me

One of Movella's Top Ten Best 1D Fanfics!
Harry and Mae both feel lonely, but for different reasons. Harry is missing something he's struggling to find. Mae has a boyfriend, but she can't figure out why their relationship doesn't satisfy her.
Harry finds companionship, but is quickly turned away, empty again. Mae doesn't see a legitimate reason to breakup with her boyfriend, so she doesn't. When Harry and Mae are thrown together through music, will they find what they're missing?
*This story was inspired by the song Stay With Me by Sam Smith.


8. But darling, stay with me

 Gemma won’t be able to get to me immediately. It takes two and a half hours to get to London from Holmes Chapel. I need to do something until she gets here.

I decide to see if Niall is home. I pull out my phone and within moments he’s inviting me to his house. I can walk there.

Niall grills me about what’s been going on with me for the past few days at first. He quickly moves on to another, happier subject. He bounces from one thing to another, laughing and assumedly enjoying my company. It’s not hard to please Niall and his joy is infectious. You can always count on Niall to find a way to make you happy.

I call my sister to tell her where she can pick me up now. The time passes quickly spending it with Niall. I admit, though the fact I was kicked out of Abi’s already was unfavorable, it wasn’t so bad. Niall didn’t have to do much to cheer me up. I wasn’t in a mood like I had been in the other night. I almost always see the bright side, unless I’m in one of those moods. It will be nice to see Gemma who will take me back to Cheshire, where I’ll see my mum and Robin.

It’ll be nice to stay with them. I’ve missed them very much. It’s probably part of why I was in my mood the other night. I can’t wait for my own bed and my mum’s cooking.

Gemma hugs me tight when Niall lets her in. She tells me she’s missed me, and is glad to see me. I hug her back and feel very happy I called her. We stay so she can chat with Niall for a while, but decide we should get going because mum is anxious to see me and it’s a long drive.

We talk about tour on the way home and what Gemma’s been up to lately. Abi crosses my mind a few times, but I don’t want to bring her up. I want to be happy.

“Harry!” my mum exclaims as we walk in the door, throwing her arms out, ready to grab me.

She squeezes tighter than Gemma. “Mum, I can’t breathe,” I gasp, laughing.

She lets me go. “I’ve missed you so much, my boy,” she tells me, looking me in the eyes, tears ready to spill onto her cheeks.

Robin comes up behind her, ready for his turn, and he looks a bit teary as well. He hugs me and claps me on the back. I’m happy to be with them.

“I’ve cooked you a special meal,” my mom tells me. “With Yorkshire pudding and everything. I know you like it.”

“Thanks mum,” I tell her.

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