She had awoken, her long blondish hair curled beside her warm breath. As she had gasped over and over again for the same satisfaction that the others were given. She was given no word on whether she could awake or even die. She was told multiple times, over and over; ‘You will not leave this place.’ The words echoed in her encased mind. Her skull was covering up the words she wished to speak. Being held back for so long, is it any wonder why she couldn’t speak? Perhaps not. She awoke with her hands fiddling together whilst she smiled with her beautiful lips touching once more. She grasped her pillow with frustration and threw it to the other side of the room. As the pillow landed, the white door sealed with barbed wire had opened.


25. CHAPTER 25



We are the ones that dance around. Praise the creatures and keep our land. We are the ones that dance around, who hear us scream and watch us lean. Unbalanced from the balancing point, We are the last ones here. It is a wonder to who, a wonder to who, would really care? We laugh at all the pain, all the things that look the same. We hurt those that do, those that do what we cannot do. We are the saviours of new, the fallen ones too, we are the last ones through. If we gave you some time, gave you some time to hold on to. It would be a loss for us, a loss for us to see you through.

- Missing Children

After witnessing such a gruesome way to go, a vile sickening taste lay out in her mouth. Her tongue touching the stench, tasting the metal and the toxic flow through her nostrils. She breathed it in and let out tears by the one who had died. Standing before her, above her watching her like an Owl. It watched her sob, smiled at her giggles from before. She cried and cried, wanting to make pain go away. Wanting to get rid of the existence of herself, how she can no longer dream, be happy, have family around her. Everything was taken from her, she questioned what was right and what was wrong multiple times before going through.

The tall shadow moved back, as it spoke with its annoying voice that can never leave her alone. The same voice that she must hear every time she wants to relax, have a moment of her own, always being distracted by the voice that let her down.

“Heh, heh, sickening… how sickening to watch such a GRIM way to go, oh, I know, I know, it hurts doesn’t it?” It smirked in the darkness.

Looking back at him, she revealed her anger and her needs for wanting some alone time: “Leave us alone!”

“A different tone, she finally cracks? Could it be that you’ve just given yourself more time to sob? No, that’s impossible. We are on a tight timeline here, girl, there is so many things you wish to see. Why waste it on a shrivelling little corpse like thee?”

“Why can’t you love, why can’t you accept?” She speaks to herself.

Stepping out of the darkness, his shadow over her. “I can accept, I can accept when it comes to terms like these. You can’t move on, HA, no wonder you fall so low. I don’t get you, ‘you fall down, you get back up…’ ever heard of it?”

“Yeah, we used to do that for friends, and I was always the one to help them back up. They need help, I help them. When someone DIES, you can’t just say that and move on. That would make you a monster.”

“Harmless, that’s what you wish to be? – Oh, what a shame, a matter of two shells against one. If there was a Hell beach, the shore would just swallow you whole. Lucky for you, there’s no such place. Your mind is made up, run along and play with the others. Or, if you truly wish to be so noble, so thoughtful but so stupid at the same time; stay with him. Ha, ha, ha… pathetic.”


She closed her eyes, blocking out the sounds and fell fast asleep.

(Awoken in a position, waiting for somebody to fulfil her dreams)

~ Last Month ~

Not far from a nearby town, a young girl is with her mother, finding herself along the way of the travelling shenanigans.

“Honey, you packed your things, right?” Her mother spoke in a calm tone.

She nodded in response: “Yeah, it took longer than I thought though.”

“Yeah, I thought that too.”

“Ah, good thing it’s father’s birthday. How old is he today?” Her daughter smiled.

“Old enough to take his own goddamn car to the car wash…” she sighed.

They both laughed, as the mother drove the car into the nearby car wash; Johnny’s Wheel Wash. A place that was not too known to the town, others who go there are the ones that would rather get someone else to do their own work. Johnny being the manager of the place, it made sense for him to be angry at his customers. He had some he hated and some he loved. His customers would always put him on the calendar, just to make themselves prepared for a day of misery for Johnny.

“What will it be, ma’am?” Johnny asked, his face blurred out the back window.

“Same as usual, ha, oh yeah… I forgot, I don’t usually come here. Sorry sir, I’d rather have the car washed.”

“Your car sure looks fancy.” Johnny smiled.

Looking at him with a grin, she blushed and giggled; “It’s not my car, ha-ha.”

“Apologies, ma’am. Sometimes, I see a car like this and you know’ – it’s just so bitter to some people who can’t afford a car like this.”

“Not a clue what you’re saying but that accent sure is fancy.” She blushed again.

Smiling at her, ignoring the young daughter beside her. “Well, I’ll give it a wash, the car sure looks filthy.”

“Just be sure that you get the wheels clean, it’s the only thing I care about.”

“Good thing too, the wheels are always nicer when squeaky clean.” He rubbed around the wheels.

Johnny escorted the mother and her daughter to the waiting room, whilst he took care of the wheels and the car wash himself. She watched as he did it, smiling every second that he would rub the wheels cleaner. He took no notice of the daughter, ignoring her as he admired the reflection of the lady he had feelings for, hoping that she was staring back at him.

He spoke to himself; “I sure love it when someone is watching you, and you know but they don’t know you’re watching back.”

Not far from Johnny and the mother and daughter, a medium sized red car parked up beside the entrance with tinted windows. Too busy admiring each other, the daughter was the first to see the red car arrive. The car doors soon opened, revealing three tall figures with a smaller figure standing at the back of the car opening the trunk. The two taller figures walked over to the waiting room where the daughter and the mother waited. Entering with his brushed back hair, the second guy wearing a ski mask.

“This, he better pay this time. Good afternoon ma’am.” He smiled at her.

Feeling a feeling of dread, but somehow confused on the situation, she greeted him.

“Hello, I’m just here with my daughter. Lazy husband can’t be bothered to drive his own car here.”

A wide grin appeared on the man’s face, his muscular body hidden behind a white and black shirt.

“Tell me, does that so-called husband work at a gas station?” He kept his grin.

“Yeah, yeah, he actually does. It surprised me when he took the job, though.”

“Ha, I bet it would. That gas station, lucky for him, he isn’t there. You’ll know soon enough.”

“Um, what is that supposed to mean?” She questioned the stranger’s words.

“A fireball is what I’d call it. The others outside, they have no clue what’s going on out there. You and I, well, we know a lot more. Don’t we, Claire?”

She gasped, confused on how the man knew her name. The second guy wearing a ski mask revealed a knife from his left pocket. Sitting at the edge of her seat, ready to make a run for it, her daughter holding her hand beside her. The stranger slammed his hand rolled into a fist against the table.

“I-I don’t know how you gave us the slip before, but this time, this time… it’s going to be different.”

“Different? How?” Almost off her seat she spoke out two words.

“This time, I’m going to give a chance to hand yourself over. Your so-called husband probably won’t find you this time, if you know what I mean. Ha, ha.”

“He always finds me, you’d be surprised on how he found me last time. The stories I could tell you on how we gave the slip, he-he.”

“Don’t play games with me, Miss. I know how the roundabouts work, the strangers on the other side, and how your mind works. You are like a ticking time bomb, the difference is… you never explode, it’s a pity but also a curse for you, am I right?”

“No, you’re wrong. He will find me, and you are always going to be found, ALWAYS.”

Holding his hand by his left ear, he pretends to hear something. “Hear that? Nothing. Funny how he always shows up. Am I right?”

“Let me pay for the car wash, and then, um, you can have me. My daughter goes back home, you drive her there.” She sighed.

“The mask doesn’t hide anything, your daughter can be safe, and we will let you pay for the car wash. After that, your dirty money days are over. Cutting you short is going to be fun. Your daughter will wear a mask too, just to hide her from you. She won’t be safe forever, I can allow her to run free though.”

“T-Thank You, Thank you…” she uttered out, happy to know that her demands have been reached.

“Shut up. We’ve given you a deal of a life time, sadly, you won’t be there to see it or even accept such a deal. I’ve done it for you, made sure that the deal is confirmed, you being needed for the deal is now over. Say a final goodbye to her, no hugs, no love, nothing. Make sure that she knows you’re scum, you’re a joke, and you are a slut.”

“Mind your language around her, please.”

The stranger punched her in the left cheek, kicking her to the ground as he gave a signal to the others from the window. Crawling on the floor, she reached out for her daughter’s little hand, being denied by the man wearing the ski mask. He grabbed her daughter and escorted her out of the building as he fired a gun shot aimed at Johnny himself. He looked at the clean wheel in front of him and could see his own reflection, his face covered in blood. Falling to the floor with a smile, he closed his eyes.

“Mind your language? Ha, ha, ha, good one.” He mocked her. “I’ll tell you something, girl, you had a right to say that, as a mother. Now, your motherly role hadn’t succeeded, THEN again, I did see you trying to make amends with her. Back at a camping site, what a joke. You, slut, you filthy girl was sick minded to come here. A day where me and the others wanted to do a little bit of crime. You show up on time, you beat us here, but the sad news is… the sad truth, yourself now lying on the ground.”

The others no longer waiting outside near the red car, dragged Johnny’s body into the waiting room, throwing it on the ground in front of the mother. She looked up, struggling with hesitation, she wanted to spit out a name. It jumped off her tongue, she said it as a dead Johnny lay next to her.

“Karl… you fucking piece of shit!” She coughed out a red fluid.

“Good days these, the sun keeps us smiling. You said my name, congratulations. Funny thing is BITCH, that my name is not important. See that on the ground? – That is scum too, this man was a victim to his drug abuse. Yourself was a victim to prostitution. It’s a good thing one of us knows where we are and to know that one of us is on the same page is a blessing. Don’t you think?”

“What is it you want from me? Sex? A chance to pay you? What is you want from me?” She screamed.

“We know what we both want; one of us wants survival, a chance to live again. And the other wants to walk out of here with no more problems to carry on their shoulders. The question is… which one of us of ‘WE’ is the one that wants what?”

She gasped, panting and wanting air as her wounds were not too bad. She felt that any more pain could bring severe problems her way. Impossible problems even, she couldn’t take the risk, she told herself over and over; ‘I am good, I am good, I am good.’

“My daughter, what about her? Is she safe?” She asked in a calm tone.

“We don’t like to think of lost ones, my love. So, Ellie, why don’t you tell me why you’ve been a mother to her? We both know that we lie to protect others. You and I know that we’re dead if we try to run from this.”

“Put away the knives, I’ll talk if you put away the goddam knives!” She shouted, making her demands known.

“Consider yourself in control. It’s a good feeling, we both know it too. You heard her, put away the knives.”

“Thank you, I just need a minute to catch my breath.”

“Take a minute to realize what situation you’re in, Ellie. You’re a in room with four members of a well-known threat to you and your brother. Your so-called daughter is probably dead as we speak, as the joke of a husband is also dying somewhere else.”

“Okay, okay, I am a mother, and I intend to be a mother. The slutty days are over, for me and the other girls you abducted.”

“Abducted? You make us sound like aliens, care to share a few words on why you think being a mother is going to save you from your troubles?”

“It won’t. I knew that since day one, but I know that if I don’t do anything now, I’m going to regret it in the afterlife.”

“Good point. Don’t you think that the afterlife is kind of over for you?” Karl smiled.

“No, NO, I think that the afterlife is ready to accept me with open arms. You see, I never knew anything on the location I’d die in. So, here it is, you’ve made it pretty clear that it’s all going to end right here.”

Karl gave out a second signal, the stranger with the ski mask began to destroy the place; smashing picture frames and kicking a desk until it fell into many pieces of wooden boards. The other two members ripped up files and papers that lay underneath the desk in small cardboard boxes. Karl grabbed Ellie by her left wrist, forcing her off the ground as her nose continued to bleed. Looking her in the eyes, he continued to speak to her with a conversation that needed to end.

“Ouch, ah, it hurts. See how dangerous you are.” She whispered as she felt the pain off the bruises around her kneecaps.

“Dangerous? I don’t see myself as a dangerous man. I see myself as a Hero, someone to keep the badness away. You may see yourself as a damsel in distress, but we both know that all that is bullshit. You are slut with mother-fake makeup. A blonde girl like you, you could go far in the world. Look around you though, do we look like those to give you that opportunity?”

“No. You guys can only give me Hell. You’ve given me a lot of that back at the caravan site, and I took it all too. All the pain, the suffering, the rape and everything you gave to me, I accepted due to being held hostage by your fuckers!”

“Bitch please, we never raped you. We kept you safe in those caravans, allowed you to run around freely and do what you like. You were held from going outside but that’s a boundary, and we don’t speak of them anymore. Just think of those sleepless nights where you had to hear the screams of so many better women than you. They all wanted to be the bitch, and they got that chance taken away from them. While they were dying out there, you were laying back accepting all we could give to you.”

“Yeah, like I had a choice. The only position that night was the same old, same old. You took advantage and made me some kind of breeding machine. Forcing me to accept everything, the filth, the many nights of showering in that broken down bathroom. It never saved me though, I couldn’t sleep and for one night away from you all, I felt better. Relaxed, safe and clean.”

Karl rolled his eyes in front of her, a slight smile appeared as he forced her wrist to collide with the wall, continuously slamming it off the wall with his fingers also colliding. Not caring about the pain to himself, he threw her into the coffee table. The others walked outside with the wads of cash from the cash register. Laughter from outside made Ellie feel angry, Karl walked over to her lying in many pieces of broken glass shards. She looked at his shadow casting over her.

“Yeah, yeah, YES – come on, Karl, I want it this time, give it to me, I can’t wait to feel it ALL.”

“One of us finally loses their minds, glad it’s not me. Look who is the animal here, the one who is dangerous to the world. It is YOU, look at yourself; screaming for pain and somehow it becomes pleasure with you.”

“YOU and I both know that it’s good enough for two of us. This damage won’t do anything to me, because I believe that he will come back for me. He will save me, he will keep me away from you.”

“Ha, he’s never coming back for you. He never did, this man you made up in your mind. How does it feel to have that imagination keep you safe? I can imagine, I really can, it must make you feel so-so-so safe.”

“It makes me feel happy, and you’re now going to let us be together, by ending this, you’re beginning something for me. Something that you can never give me, but I spared you the chance to give me half of it. You sick bastard.”

“How would you feel if I left you alone?” Karl’s smile grew as he acknowledged her condition.

Karl stood back, his shadow fading away from her, no longer making her feel like the victim. She begged for Karl to stand closer, to bring pain her way. He ignored her, as he stood at the other side of the room watching her lose her mind; talking to herself and cutting herself on shards of glass on purpose. She smiled at the pain and enjoyed every last bit of breath she had left in her. The other members messaged Karl by phone with a text: ‘we’re done here, get out of there.’

He nodded in response to the text, putting away his phone as he looked at Ellie’s bloody face. Her torso visible from her ripped up shirt, still kneeling on the ground holding shards of glass in her red swollen hands.

“Look at you. You’ve given up, a mother like yourself would not do such a thing. My mother may not have kept me around for long, even tried to keeping me safe. Yet, I somehow managed to avoid that safety, you enjoy no safety. You look happy to be bleeding so much over a clean carpet.”

“Don’t patronise me! – I know very well that you wanted to end me. So, I’m making the process go a little quicker. You’ve failed me, Karl. You’ve failed me so much.”

“No bitch, you’ve failed yourself… here, this will be quick and painless.” Karl said as he threw a handgun across the floor.

Smiling at the gun, anticipated to pick it up, she reached for the handle and frantically held it near her left cheek. Karl shown his left hand to her, making a letter ‘L’ using his hand and his fingers, as he moved it towards his left side of the skull.

“That’s it, you can take it from here. I’ve helped you, my half of the deal, remember? Like you said to me earlier.”

“T-Thank You, Karl… I owe you one.” She whispered to him, thanking him for everything.

“I take it you don’t mind being part of a crime scene?” He asked.

“No, I don’t mind. I’d rather be part of something than nothing at all. This way, I’ve given you a way of being known.”

“Sorry for you, Ellie, I really am. One of us deep down crazy, but the other just don’t like to show that side.”


Karl looked away as he heard the sound of a final gun shot go off in the waiting room of Johnny’s workplace. He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Walking over to the red car, he looked on at the bright blue sky as it too looked down on him. The puffy white clouds spreading out across the horizon, leaving Karl with a lot to think about. He got into the front of seat of the red car, whilst he saw the reflection of the young girl sitting in the back in-between two members of the gang.

“It’s dealt with.”

They nodded, he saw them all nod in the reflection and looked down in disappointment. The others smiled as the driver drove the car away from the entrance.

“Another bitch down, that’s all I can say.”

“Yeah, it’s the name that matters, though.”

“Fuck that, I don’t care what her name was. She’s gone for good, and that’s a story to tell your kids too.”

“Where’s my mother?” The young girl whispered.

“Dead bitch! Ha, ha, ha.”

Karl turned round to face the member who laughed at the young girl’s mother being dead.

“SHUT UP. She’s alive and she’s going to be okay, you just need to sit with us until I can think of something.”

“Cool it, Karl, you don’t say shit like that to one of your brothers.”

“Yeah, I know. This time, you went over the line. Nobody cuts down the line, between is not a problem. You cut down that line and you’re be gutted. Taken away from this world before you can even say; ‘I’m sorry.’ You hear me?”

He nodded as the others looked amused by what Karl had to say.

“Now, remember, your father is still with you. He loves you very much, and I’m sure that if we reach him, we’ll be both happy to see him.”

“Don’t keep talking shit like that, Karl. It’s a joke to us, you know that right?”

“No. It’s not a joke at all, it’s a sad life to live. She’s lost her mother, and you just want to keep her in the dark.”

“Funny thing is Karl, you’ve killed kids before. What makes this one so special?” The man with the ski mask chuckled.

“NOTHING. This one is as good as gone too. Yet, I’d rather you tell her the truth instead of lying to her. She’s going to need to know everything, and her father will need to see her. Her mother has given up, I’ve taken care of what we came for, now shut up.”

“Okay, Karl, it will be fun to beat some sense into you though.” They all laughed except Karl.


(She awoken in a room, her eyes feeling dreary, barely being able to open wide, she looked on in front of her)

The room she awoke in was a reminder to what she had been through. Darkness around her, a light bulb flickering on the outside of a window with no outside to reveal. The walls were blurry and the floor looked as if it had been stomped on many times. Also to her surprise; fallen trees inside the room laid beside each other and several toy blocks scattered across the floor. She was lost for words, no clue what to say or how to react to where she had awoken inside a room of unknown.

“ You’ve been here before. It’s a room DYING to see you. It’s a room, a floor even, it just wants to be seen with YOU. Troublesome girls like yourself, they all know one thing that matters. They all talk and talk, if you had a phone right now, you’d call for one. You’ve been here before. It’s a room wanting to DIE, a room that wants to LIVE and become something more. “

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP” She screamed with her hands on her forehead.

“Welcome back Little Girl, it’s been sometime since I last saw you. What is it this time? I don’t know. I asked you, and here you are awake in a room you have no knowledge on. I’ve never been here before, this room is as empty as our minds. What I love about this room is everything that keeps it in the shadows. Nothing here is denies the word ‘Nothing’ – if you know something, you’d say it right now. If you have no idea where you are, you are as lost I am. We are something right? Nothing, nothing at all.”

“Every floor I find myself on, I see you and if not you, something else.”

“Tell me, what have you learned from the others?”

“Nothing. I’ve learned nothing, except that you are not afraid to kill the others.”

“Very good, very good indeed. Would I be a fool to tell you a little secret? A secret that holds an answer but has no real answer. The answer to that question is ‘Yes.’ Don’t look at me like that, we both know that we’re craving the same information as always. Your shadow on the wall is a reminder to who you are. You are a Little Girl, nothing else, nothing more. What if I was to tell you that you’d be able to kill me, hurt me, destroy me… on the final floor?”

“I’d like that, it would put an end to everything. All of these horrible sleepless nights and those ‘others’ awakening me in different rooms, on different floors. I’d be safer, away from all this madness.”

“Here’s another question that you must ask: If there is a final floor, then why has nobody tried to kill you before? Why has nobody been able to cause some damage to you? Why has nobody told me about the final floor? And to that I must say this; if I was to hurt you, I could do so. I’ve killed others, that was what I call their final flaw.”

“They should’ve killed you before. Wherever that final floor is, I’ll reach it and I will kill you myself.”

“I look forward to that. I really do, it’s been amazing hasn’t it? All these nights of wonder, the curious girl wants to know more every time she wakes up. It’s so beautiful too, and the darkness, it just holds so much wonder, mystery and the unknown from us. You’ve stepped into it, we both have and we loved it so much.”

“You know why I want to kill you? Because you’re a murderous, vile, sick and twisted creature in this world. Anyone who has fallen to you has mistaken you for kind, they’ve fallen for your lies, your jokes, but I see you. I can see you very clearly, you are a criminal and a MONSTER. Someone who needs to go before they cause more depression to those that too give into your tricks.”

“Correct. Incorrect. I’d hate to be the one to kill you, I’d love to be the one to die by you. You see, Little Girl, if you wanted to kill me, you would have hurt me by now. Given the amount of time before, you could have made such as mess. Ruined me, I’d be torn apart, all my pieces over the floor for you be satisfied with. Like how a child enjoys taking apart building blocks and how a MAN enjoys taking apart things to see how they work.”

“Yeah, and I’m a child to you. Yet, I don’t want to build any stupid towers or even take apart structures for fun. I’m also not a MAN, so therefore I don’t want to know how anything works. I know that there are girls like me, who would love to take apart things to see how they work though. And many of us girls would enjoy taking apart you. Except I, I alone, I don’t want that… you’ve given me too many nightmares, I’d much rather kill you. That word I never use, but I’ll use it on you.”

“Sleepyhead. Now, there’s a word to take into mind. You’ve watched that THING die, and you’ve watched others die. No wonder you’re twisted and wanting to hurt others. You are the MONSTER here, not me, we should’ve taken you apart years ago. I knew that once you watched those precious moments take you by, you’d become this today. A perfect night for murder, am I right?”

“YOU should have killed me along with those OTHERS. It’d make me happy, I wouldn’t even be here to take you on. Thank you for giving me a chance for this, I now have that opportunity to destroy you as no other will do so.”



Y O U – S H O U L D – H A V E – K I L L E D – M E . . .

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