She had awoken, her long blondish hair curled beside her warm breath. As she had gasped over and over again for the same satisfaction that the others were given. She was given no word on whether she could awake or even die. She was told multiple times, over and over; ‘You will not leave this place.’ The words echoed in her encased mind. Her skull was covering up the words she wished to speak. Being held back for so long, is it any wonder why she couldn’t speak? Perhaps not. She awoke with her hands fiddling together whilst she smiled with her beautiful lips touching once more. She grasped her pillow with frustration and threw it to the other side of the room. As the pillow landed, the white door sealed with barbed wire had opened.


12. CHAPTER 12


- CHAPTER 12 -

Masked or hidden, does it really hide what you want to fear? Or, does it just bring another face to the surface, you can call it a moon, a planet, a creature that just wants to meet someone new. The mask is nothing more than something from a Drama Studio. Yeah, it really makes me feel for them. Those sad and happy faces, oh what a joy they are! And when those curtains open, a face frozen behind a mask is surfacing through the skin of that person. Muscular muscles? No, it’s just the sad face that decays into a happy face. It feels like a scar.

- Doctor Fox

Her face, she just couldn’t take much more of the faces around her. All these smiles, these aches, the pain of what makes you cringe, it was all too much for her. The little girl kneeled on the foggy flooring. Her heart beat with every second that went by, every minute that passed, her heart would stop for a split second. Soon, you’d see the face of her, she’d scream, she’d cry, she’d always feel some kind of emotional pain. Suffering everything really… it was not much of a dream, it was a dream within a dream. No, it was more than that. It was a dream that had so much more in it. Behind the dream which can only be used as curtains, you’d drawl them and you’d know that the girl was crying in the rain.

- Lighting bolted through the tree branches. Heavy rain began to speed up, hammering at the roots of her hair. And then just like that, a flash of bright light almost blinded her.

She awoke to what seemed to be a Hospital. A man with a thick white coat, round glasses and dark greyish hair was sitting beside the little girl. The sound of a heart monitor blended in with the silence, the coughing would not stop. Gargling on what sounded like toothpaste, the patients would just sit there and be quiet. Some looking into a mirror for long amounts of time. Every hour, a new face would rise from the darkness. She’d look behind her and she’d see flashing lights, different faces, and different people holding masks. A pillow used as a mask for children to cover up their faces. The zombie-like humans would crawl away from the hospital beds. The sound of someone choking would rattle the brains of the ones almost dying. She was so tired, her sleepy little head just wanted to fall onto that pillow. ‘Block out all the noise,’ she thought.

“Medical tests… I hate them. Oh, what do we have here?” A rusted voice whispered.

Another voice interrupted her thinking. “A little girl, Doctor Fox. She was found outside, I don’t know what to say…”

“Not to worry, she is probably scared.” He whispered under his breath. “She is probably lonely. It’s dark out there, I don’t think any little girl would be afraid of that, do you?”

The little girl watched the man called Doctor Fox stare at her in different ways. Some were first glances, and others looked a little creepier. The nurse, no name for sure. She just looked at the Doctor with her eyes looking a little sore every time she nodded to his ideas.

“Her heart, do you think it’s her fault?” Doctor Fox grouched. “She’d be afraid. Lost without her family. Why are you interrupting?”

The nurse tried to tap Doctor Fox on the shoulder. Her nerves got the better of her, she backed off.

“And another one, and another one. They all come back soaked in rain water, and that one… it just looks so… sleepy.”

The little girl kept quiet, her heart felt a little bit of pain, and her chest just felt warm. She tried to stay calm, she just relaxed and let the Doctor do his job.

“Nurse. I don’t want you just entering this room. So what if it’s a Ward room! She’s special. I sense it, I sense every little detail in this girl.”

The nurse held onto Doctor Fox, trying to calm his nerves. Her nerves were out of control, but she tried to keep him calm nevertheless.

“Come on, Doctor Fox. We can’t wake her yet.”

She awoke to what was the same old of the same old. The place that she hated the most, the place with weird people and strange creatures lurking in the darkness. Masked like it was all for Halloween, and some costumes were just so sinister and in some ways, revolting. She remembered the Doctor, the one that had taken her into a Hospital for the first time ever in her life. She tried to remember the nurse’s name, it didn’t occur to her that the nurse was with her at the time. Her mind went crazy, all these thoughts and these feelings jammed up in her brain. Her heart kept on sending signals to her brain, she didn’t really believe that. She felt that the spinal cord was the culprit.

Sleepy head, why don’t you come back to bed?

The words from an old nursery rhyme from her childhood had echoed in her mind, as she tried to sit alone, tried to block everything out; the pain, the suffering, everything! More and more pressure built up on top of her, the voices, and the things that just wanted her gone.

Fall down on your pillow, oh little willow, will you grow and become more than a pillow?

The more she thought about the Doctor, the more information that would remind her of what she heard in the Hospital. She could barely remember the nurse’s clothing, red hair, she was certain. She didn’t think much of the Doctor who helped her, she just wanted to remember the patients, the ones that were sick and the ones that were left behind. Her memory scattered around like a broken jigsaw puzzle, it was not possible to regain these memories alone. She knew that, and the more she thought about it, the more that she wanted to hurt herself.

The moonlight would just continue on you, as you slept and slept, snore and snore, the more she’d crawl under you, around you, she’d just want to get close to you. Sharp teeth, dust all around your bed, oh dear, sleepyhead, why are you not DEAD?

The final word became sharp. It pierced through her ears like sharp darts, no, it was sharper than that. It was a sound that made her scream out from the top of her lungs. She gargled on what she imagined, saliva from a different creature. She tried to clear her mind, sitting there, afraid of the darkness around her. The faces continued to torture her, they chanted, voices and sounds, and it was all just building up. The strangeness of the place she lived in, was it really what she could call home?

“…I’ve seen it again, and again, and again!” An angered tone set the mood of the atmosphere around her. “Yeah, she’d fire a bullet right into my skull, I’d then control it, and I’d have control over that bullet. I’d give it directions, force it through the broken bones, through the skull. I’d just have to see it go through again and again, and again.”

The little girl blocked out the voices, she chose to let in one voice. This voice was nothing more than an angered teenager raising his tone. He sounded mad, crazy and certainly not trust-worthy. The little girl listened to his words, she heard them all. She offered her hand out to the stranger, the stranger didn’t think twice and held her hand tighter than ever. She felt the squeeze, she felt the force, it all felt like real strength from a real human being.

She croaked. “Ahem, I’m sorry, but are you just here to make me small?”

“Not at all. To be honest, I’d rather drive a bullet through my own skull.” He shrieked.

The little girl asked in a polite but humble tone; “I won’t just walk away, you know? I won’t just walk out of sight.”

He coughed. “Aha, do you think I care? I don’t care, sis. You could shoot me, and I’d still just not care. God, what are you even trying to do to me?”

The little girl whispered. “I’m not one for speaking, I’m just trying to understand you.”

“Did you not hear what I said?! I told you five freaking times! Five! Do you think that I have the ability to pull loose? I could fire a bullet, it would just drive through the skull. Lights out, and you know what? You wouldn’t hear me cry, I wouldn’t even look at you.”

She tried to be clever with her next words. “Aha, I guess you have me fooled. What if I look at you?”

“You’ll see nothin’ I’d be happy to make you smile. Jeez, girl, do you know hear me?” His eyes widened.

She closed herself into her chest, wanting to hide beneath her clothing. “Yeah, I hear you perfectly…”

“Yeah? Ha, ha, aha, okay… you got me! Damn, you actually got me there. Do you know something? Back at the school, I remember it being so much clearer. I saw some chairs and stuff, hardly anything to be excited about.” He laughed. “And then I saw her, another sister! Damn, she was fine. And I tried to get her, I tried to help her. We ended up running through trees, passing shadows, I loved it. I remember her gargling too, she was choking on fresh air… I know right? How crazy is that? I remember holding a gun, and damn, there it was… her body, I don’t know.”

The little girl felt the urge to slap him, she wanted to keep him sane. Snap out of it, she wanted to bring him back to reality. The only problem with that happening is: What is reality? She couldn’t think about it, she had no time. She just had these thoughts and faded memories out of reach. Some memories passed her, the boy would say she was lucky to escape them. She just couldn’t remember what the Doctor had told her in the past. These memories could just be dreams, it had occurred to her that that was the case.

“Okay… I’m going to level with you, sis. I hand you this, you know, the same old gun that I used. Would you do me a favour?” He looked like psycho to her.

She backed away from him, she knew exactly what he was going to ask from her.

He sighed, not long before punching himself in the face several times. “Sis… you don’t make this easy for me. Are you out of your mind?”

She looked at him a second time and rolled her eyes in answer to his question. Whether it was rhetorical or not, she just stayed calm and didn’t even speak once. Her body language spoke for her, whether she wanted it to take control or not.

“Shy… I should’ve known! I’ve been running around this freaking place for what feels like years! My life, I swear it is pretty much over… I don’t want to call this home. Every answer, every damn question that I ask from you, you, and you! You all just smile at me.” He roared.

She broke her vowel of silence and spoke out in a calm tone. It was an attempt to relax this teenage boy, make his troubles disappear.

“I know… I’ve met so many people here. Some, friendlier than others. I’ll admit this, though, there was never a face that looked at me for as long as you have.” She blushed.

He fell to the floor, his knees crushing his thighs into the ground. His body weight added on the pressure, he felt the pain but didn’t resist it.

“Oh… you are so beautiful. I guess you want me to thank-you now? Huh?” He rolled his eyes. “No, sorry. If you don’t have the moral high ground in this area, tell me the place where I can lose the pain. Scream to me the words that those idiots don’t have the hearts to tell me!”

A shadow-like figure, resembling a small little girl watched from the distance. The little girl hadn’t noticed he shadow, the boy had. He had been staring at it the whole time, whilst, the little girl tried to calm him down. The figure was almost see-through, you’d be a fool to miss it. The outline was pretty transparent, it had just faded into the darkness behind her. No eyes, no mouth, no facial features that the boy could see from a distance. The little girl continued to stay calm and tried to make conversation with the lunatic.

“Did you always wear that?” A random question flew out of her mouth like a droplet of saliva.  

“See, that’s why I like you, sister. You have it in you, you tell me how it is. The reason why I wear it? No! You don’t tell me anything more than those pathetic shadows. Am I supposed to figure out why I’m here? Or, am I supposed to be the guy who makes it all happen?”

“Good question, I don’t know why… but I know a reason to your problems.”

“Na, you wouldn’t. Like I said, hold that, and hold it tight! Then, I want you to just step back, look me in the eyes, fire it at me, sis.” He stared at the pistol.

She knew how to hold it, she held it exactly like he imagined she’d hold it. She looked like a trained warrior, and an experienced shooter. Her bravery is what made her stand out to the boy. He asked several times, the same questions over and over again.

“Have you got it? Do you think you know who it is, yet? Do you know the exit to this pathetic world?” He sobbed.

She nodded, after taking several steps backwards. She rotated the pistol, aiming it at eye-level, she wanted to shoot the eyes. He asked for her to fire it, and he hadn’t described on where the bullet should go. Before, she could fire it, she stared up at the sky, and another strike of lightning zapped the tree branches outside. Whatever, was the outside, became the inside. Her memory returned to her, some of them that is.

“Doctor Fox… Doctor Fox?” A woman’s voice cried. “Do you come in, Ranger?” Another voice echoed through the sirens.

“This little girl… she isn’t going to make it.” A manly voice overrode the other sounds.

The heart monitor continued, the sirens became more distant, and the same voice would continue worrying about Doctor Fox. The little girl opened her eyes, she looked up at the faces around her. Doctor Fox was lying down in a pool of blood, his hands drenched in oil. She looked around her, she could see the flashing sirens emitting light through the windows. The nurse was sitting against the wall, she had been smoking, and the little girl could smell the thick stench. A very metallic taste on the edge of her tongue, she tasted for the burnt flavour and was given more of a bitter taste. She closed her eyes as she saw two tall figures stand at the side of her bed. Another face watched through the window, the siren shined light on the face, it was a woman’s face with make-up. She closed her eyes, and the sounds faded.

Sleepy, it will always make you sleepy. Drowning, it will always make you drown. The sounds are the voices, the voices you can’t hear  

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