She had awoken, her long blondish hair curled beside her warm breath. As she had gasped over and over again for the same satisfaction that the others were given. She was given no word on whether she could awake or even die. She was told multiple times, over and over; ‘You will not leave this place.’ The words echoed in her encased mind. Her skull was covering up the words she wished to speak. Being held back for so long, is it any wonder why she couldn’t speak? Perhaps not. She awoke with her hands fiddling together whilst she smiled with her beautiful lips touching once more. She grasped her pillow with frustration and threw it to the other side of the room. As the pillow landed, the white door sealed with barbed wire had opened.


11. CHAPTER 11


- CHAPTER 11 -

Bullies aren’t just what you call dangerous. They don’t think. Do you think they think? Do you even have your own mind to think for you? Or are you feeling like it’s all getting too much for you? So many questions, yet, little answers don’t go far in our books. You could be dangerous, you could civil and even then it wouldn’t make you evil. You could ask yourself so many times why you do what you do. The answer is simple. It’s actually something that a part of you. Don’t feel too much now, do you? Pain works differently, you need to feel the direct poison from the serpents tongue.

- Unknown

The little girl felt the full anger of the boy in front of her. It was all a little too much to handle. Her mind told her so many things, run away! Don’t go near that crazy man. She then snapped, and reminded herself that the boy was lost. It was a child who had lost themselves in darkness. No shadow to follow, nothing to hold onto. Hope. They dreamt it, but did the little girl believe that this world, this strange place she has lived in. Does it make any sense? She thought that the creatures and the strangers that she had met recent, she believed that they were more than that.

“I survived… because I had good friends.” She mumbled.

He scoffed. “Yeah, ‘friends’. You speak about them like they’re actually looking out for you.”

“They are! I won’t listen to you anymore, don’t even come near me!” She tried to be brave.

“Top dog. Aha, I know your game. Become the better man… in this case, ‘woman’. You can’t fool me with your false teeth. I know a traitor when I’m near one. They always try to look stronger than the innocent.”

The little girl stood up on her toes and tried to look down at the boy. She felt it was a way to get him to listen. Stand tall and be known for who are. The words rung in her ears every single time she knew that she had too much to deal with. The boy was too much for her, so, she wanted to try to keep herself under control whilst taking over the boy’s mind. It was crazy, sure. But why would a little girl do all that for? Does she have an angle? You may ask. Well, she certainly has points. She makes them day after day. Angles aren’t everything…

Joe revealed something from behind him. He knew it was there but chose to allow this information to enter one’s mind. He stayed quiet, hiding away whatever it was that needed to be kept behind him. The little girl sensed something around her, it was an all too common feeling that had grown into her. She spoke with a clear voice, feeling a little timid but still brave enough to stand tall against the evil in front of her. She believed that Joe was hiding something. She didn’t know this for sure, she kept it in mind though. Joe didn’t give any hints away but he did stand closer to the shadows behind him. The little girl stepped forward and looked down at him, still speaking with quiet toned volume.

“…Joe. What is it?” She looked at Joe, trying to look behind him from in front of him. “Behind you. You may as well come clean.”

“Very funny… just because I had sludge on my face? I wiped it off, didn’t I?!” He scoffed again. “You are not seeing the other side to our situation, are you?”

“There is another side, it’s behind you.” She smirked.

His face turned red and he tried not to laugh. Holding it in, trying not to smirk or even smile. It was too much and he ended up breaking down in front of the little girl. Piece by piece, his body collapsed onto the ground. His skin just vanished, melted even. His eyes were one gradient of white. His face was no more, it was just a skull with a strange jaw line. The jaw had a slight edge to it, an angle, you could call it. It curled upwards, it looked rather much like a smile to the little girl. She expected some laugher but none was shown to her. Except, if she looked in the mirror, a mirror that she can’t find. This mirror would reveal the strange smile that had changed the way she giggles from now on.

“Joe…?” She coughed. “Joe?! Joe. Joe, where are you?” She moved around the bones laying there.

“Gone, my child.” A voice echoed from behind her.

“…what? What do you mean, gone?” She turned to face the voice.

“As in… no longer exists. He is dead. He is no more. He is removed from this world.” The voice had no problem with talking so sinister towards a young girl.

“No. I don’t believe you. He was there, I didn’t see anything!” She placed her hands on her ears, trying to block out the voices.

“Deranged and insane, she rolls on the floor. Her chains rattle and her soul is no more.”

The voices were followed by child-like laughter, giggling and snickering behind her back.

“Shush. Now, now, children. Give her a break from this torture. She doesn’t deserve this, my child.”

The child laughter stopped. The little girl slowly removed her hands from near her ears. She stopped blocking out the sounds around her. Looking up at the tall figure, a female-like figure that looked almost human to the little girl.

“Sorry, my child. They giggle, it’s what they do.” She whispered. “They always laugh at the dead…”

“Really? Maybe I could… no I can’t.” She spoke to herself.

“Not now, I don’t believe you should.” The woman replied to her.

The little girl stood in front of the female-like figure and kneeled on the ground of smoke. The walls covered in redness, and the ceilings, non-existent. Iron chains looped around other chains laid on the floor beside them. As she turned her head slightly, she could see more bones and skeletons just lying in different positions. No piles of bones, just skeletons that were forced to sit or lie down, some forced to sit uncomfortably and some just hanging by chains. On the right of her, a pool of red liquid dropped down into a whirlpool of oil-looking substances.

“They spoke about my soul.” She mumbled underneath her breath.

“No. My child. They didn’t talk, they don’t talk. You are hearing things, everything is quiet…”

“Yeah. You are right. M-maybe it was a dream?” She sighed.

“Possibly. That same old story never works, though, my child. You’ll see that for yourself, no! I think you’ve seen it already…”

“What are you wearing, lady?” The little girl whispered.

“A mask. It has got to be the most interesting mask around.” She screeched on her last word.

“Oh yeah? I don’t think so!” The little girl sat down feeling angry with herself. “You aren’t even here, it’s the people around me that torment me!”

“My child. You have a wild imagination. You may hear a rattle, but I assure you. You are perfectly safe here. Just stay where you are…”

“I don’t like it here. Nobody does. You don’t know what it’s like to be around here.”

“Child, I know what you know. As far as I can tell, you’ve made it this far. Whether you cheated your own life, or gave it away somehow. I’m sure you didn’t throw it away. You may have cheated your own life. But did you sign that soul to a friend?” She spoke in several screeches.

“THE MASK! What is that mask?” The little girl screamed. “I-I’ve seen it before… I k-know that I’ve seen it. It haunts me every night. That mask is not human.”

“Very well, my child. You look quite hurt. Come near me, I’ll keep you safe. The mask? Don’t be silly. The mask? You don’t know this? This mask was passed down… so many years ago. The mask? Didn’t I say that before? The mask? It feels like someone is rattling chains inside these ends. I can feel angles pulling at me. Have you ever felt the deformation of a shape or an image? Resized, lost, I don’t know. The mask is nothing more than a mask that hides a face.”

The little girl’s mind reflected strange memories that bounced back and forth through her day dreams. Her thoughts were invaded with fear and regrets. She pushed the masked woman away and ran for it. Running into the darkness, trying to escape the madness that brought her here. She wished for the top hat man to come back and talk to her. She wanted company, whether it was from a friend or a foe. She pleaded for her family, for someone to just pull her out of this mad dream. The masked woman went searching for her.

“MY CHILD! MY CHILD!” It screeched. “You’ve buried so much…”

You’ve told yourself so many lies

“MY CHILD! Speak to me. The mask isn’t hurtful, it relies on your pain. The whole room here, the whole floor. It just screams your name, my child!”

The little girl cried in a corner, a rocking chair rocked back and forth. Creaking the walls, the door that she could see opened and closed. The darkness around her revealed many faces. The mask stayed in her mind and brought fear to her emotional crisis. 

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