A very Victorian Grimm

Jack the Ripper was not what he appeared... as are many more creatures that lurk beneath the surface of very human faces...


5. Across the Fatherland

Rifles spat flame and lead and Kliment had to scramble across the dirt as he fled the small village near the Laacher See. The darkness helped, but the horde coming after him had several flaming torches to light their way, something Kliment did not dare use (even if he had been able to). The tree line was close, and if he could make it in there...

Bits of earth sprayed him as bullets smacked into the ground and displaced the muddy ground. He spat out a lump of dirt and sprinted. Running across open grass was dangerous, but thankfully for Kliment, the haphazard nature of the rifles (and the men using them) meant further bullets did little but spray earth and mud around his feet. Heart pounding as he reached the trees, he took pleasure (albeit briefly) from the angry shouts of the men chasing him - he moved easily through the trees, taking advantage of his senses to guide him through the path he had prepared earlier.

The first of his pursuers reached the trees, and followed him in. He knew there was at least one other Lowren behind him, and a Blutbad, and probably a Coyotl, but that would play in his favour. As one of them weaved their way down the path he had laid, they charged headlong... into a trap.

It was an oldie but a goodie. Branches, twigs and grass sprinkled liberally over a pit dug in the ground. The first man put a foot into the hole and stumbled; another man, right behind him, couldn't stop and fell into the hole, right upon the wooden spikes Kliment had readied - he heard a cry of pain and grunted in satisfaction. The shouts grew louder - his pursuers were hesitant of further surprises.

Up ahead, a single light glowed faintly. Kliment pushed harder - he was nearly free.

The crack of rifle fire renewed, but it was wild and undirected. Bits and pieces of bark were splintered from trees but none were near enough to offer any harm to Kliment.

"Quickly!" A female voice up ahead cried. The end of the trees was in sight, and when he burst free of them, Kliment was greeted by the most beautiful sight he could wish for - his little sister, sitting in an open top carriage, reigns of a horse in her hands. She flicked a lock of brown hair out of her face and waved at him to hurry. Kliment did not need to be told twice. 

He leapt onto the carriage and his sister snapped the reigns. The horse snorted and began to move, quickly building up to a trot. By the time the remaining pursuers got clear of the trees, Kliment was comfortably clear of their guns.

"Did you get it?" His sister asked. 

"Yes, it's in my pocket." He reached in and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "The real deeds to this land. We can sell these for a fortune Akilina."

Akilina smiled. "And turf out these scroundrels."

Kliment nodded. "We can finally be free of them."

They grinned at each other. So many years of being indentured to those thugs would be at an end.

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