Pen Pals (A One Direction and Disney fan-fiction

Hi my name's Merida. and i know ,yes like the princess from brave. i'm nearly 18 years old. i'm a born and bred Scottish lassie. i also have bright orange frizzy hair like the princess from brave but do you know why i'm so like her? i am her great grand daughter, my mother Matilda wanted to name me after her after seeing me growing bright orange hair along with her lovely green eyes and freckles across my face. i'm exactly like a modern great grandma Merida. i love archery ,rock climbing ,pastries ,horses. we still live in the same castle and the archery course is still there. i love climbing the giant waterfall. i have three little brothers like great grandma. enough on that i have a pen pal from england he is sweet ,funny ,cute and i think i love him he has chocolate brown curls and emerald green eyes. his name is harry styles and he's famous. but i knew him for 6 years through our pen pal system. he promised to visit me when he comes to Scotland with his band, I think i'll tell him.


3. The Reason

Niall's P.O.V (aha didn't see this coming did ya. And if you did oh well)

Liam and Zayn grabbed both of my arms and dragged me off to a random bedroom, probably a spare. They shoved me in and shut the door behind me and I banged on the door yelling at them to let me out but I eventually give up.  I walk to the double bed and just sit on the side of it facing the door.

After a few minutes of waiting, the door opens and I look up to see Merdia getting shoved into the room and the door being shut, and locked in her face. She turns around to see me and just shivers as she wearily walks over to the corner near the door, on the right side of the room. She just stares at me with mixed emotions on her face and i can only decipher two. Fear, and Anger.

I walk up to her still angry about her cheating in the video game. I pick her up and shove her roughly on the bed. I have to let out my feelings or i'll explode. I just yell and scream at her. I lose control of my anger and start slapping and punching at her. She doesn't even bother to stop me.

Once i am calm i notice she is unconscious i start tearing up

"What have i done. Oh my god what did i do" I say and start pacing and fisting my hair. I feel tears prickle in my eyes and start falling down my cheeks. I finally sit in the back left corner and just hug my knees to my chest, crying my eyes out. What have i done.

Harry walks in a few minutes later and he looks at Merida laying on the bed, unconscious and i just cry harder. He finally looks at me

"MATES GET IN HERE. NOW " He screamed out obviously, the boys come running to the room and see what is happening. I just put my face in my knees and cry even more

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO NIALL" Louis yelled at me forcefully. I just look up, my glossy, bloodshot eyes meeting his worried ones. His jaw is slack just like the others but harry's is slightly lower then the rest. They are all just staring at me in shock.

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO MATES. YOU KNOW HOW I GET. I CAN'T HOLD MY SHIT TOGETHER" i scream, my throat cracking during saying so. I wipe my face and run out the door, pushing past them. I run to my room and just lay on my bed and cry my self to sleep.

Merida's P.O.V

I wake up on my bed and instantly remember what happened. I shudder at the thought

"OH MY GOD YOUR AWAKE" I hear from the corner of the room. I could tell it was Harry purely from the accent echoing in my room. I whip my head to face him and smile from knowing he is here. He walks over to me as i sit up. He sits down next to me and hugs me. i wince at the touch and he pulls away.

"Let's get you cleaned up" Harry says and stands up. He reaches out for my hand and i take it. He tugs me up and i just groan. He helps me to the kitchen and grabs some bags of peas out and hands them to me. I just place them where i am sore and hobble back to my room. I just wanna sleep and eventually i wander into dream land like i wished


So, Do ya like it? I worked hard on it :)

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