Pen Pals (A One Direction and Disney fan-fiction

Hi my name's Merida. and i know ,yes like the princess from brave. i'm nearly 18 years old. i'm a born and bred Scottish lassie. i also have bright orange frizzy hair like the princess from brave but do you know why i'm so like her? i am her great grand daughter, my mother Matilda wanted to name me after her after seeing me growing bright orange hair along with her lovely green eyes and freckles across my face. i'm exactly like a modern great grandma Merida. i love archery ,rock climbing ,pastries ,horses. we still live in the same castle and the archery course is still there. i love climbing the giant waterfall. i have three little brothers like great grandma. enough on that i have a pen pal from england he is sweet ,funny ,cute and i think i love him he has chocolate brown curls and emerald green eyes. his name is harry styles and he's famous. but i knew him for 6 years through our pen pal system. he promised to visit me when he comes to Scotland with his band, I think i'll tell him.


2. The Fight

Merida's P.O.V

I wake up to the warmth of a body behind me and remember last night. I smile at the memories and carefully get up not disturbing him from his slumber. i run to my window and climb to the roof and watch the sun rise, Mesmerized by the beauty of the rising sun. 

"It's almost as beautiful as you" i hear a British voice say from behind me and i turn around to see that adorable chocolate mop of curls.

"Well hello there mr cheesy." I say as he hugs me from behind and we just sit in a comfortable silence as we watch the sun rise and his chin is comfortably on my head. We wait a little while before we go back in side and sit in the game room with the other boys. We all play a game together, but within 20 minutes Niall accused me of cheating and now we are fighting. Our fight is just words but i just crack and slap him

"You Irish little fuck. Your just jealous i'm better at this game then you" I said to him and slapped him again.

"No your just a Scottish bitch and you cheat like all the others" he says back and pushes me to the ground.

"SHUT UP YOU FAGGOT" i yell and he pounces on me and starts attacking me. I attack back until someone pulls us apart. Harry is holding me back and the others are holding Niall. I just spit at him and he goes crazy and Harry drags me to my room.

"WHAT THE HELL" He yells and i just crawl into a ball.

"Babe did i scare you. I didn't mean to." he says. I can feel how bad he feels. 

"No you didn't it's just he gets me so peeved off." I say to him and he just hugs me but he stops

"Wait right here i need to talk to the other boys. Ok?" He exclaims and i just nod and sit there

Harry's P.O.V

I walk out and get Liam, Louis and Zayn

"Lads i have an idea" i say quietly

"Well, get on with it." Liam says

"How bout we lock them in a room together until they sort out there problems, maybe an hour a day?" i say awaiting their response.

"What if they kill each other." Zayn says

"Please just try it for a week at least" i beg and they all give in to my puppy eyes. We leave and go get them and place them in a spare room 

Merida's P.O.V

Harry drags me to a spare room and puts me in it and i see niall sitting on the bed and i just hide in a corner until niall walks up to me and picks me up. He throws me on the bed and just screams at me saying this is all my fault and i just lay there and take it. he ends up hitting me and i just cry and fall in to unconsciousness

Harry's P.O.V

I walk in when the hour finishes and see Merida unconscious on the bed and Niall crying in the corner

"MATES GET IN HERE. NOW" i yell out. What the fuck.


Well ahem i updated but oh na it sucked gahhh oh well :)

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