Pen Pals (A One Direction and Disney fan-fiction

Hi my name's Merida. and i know ,yes like the princess from brave. i'm nearly 18 years old. i'm a born and bred Scottish lassie. i also have bright orange frizzy hair like the princess from brave but do you know why i'm so like her? i am her great grand daughter, my mother Matilda wanted to name me after her after seeing me growing bright orange hair along with her lovely green eyes and freckles across my face. i'm exactly like a modern great grandma Merida. i love archery ,rock climbing ,pastries ,horses. we still live in the same castle and the archery course is still there. i love climbing the giant waterfall. i have three little brothers like great grandma. enough on that i have a pen pal from england he is sweet ,funny ,cute and i think i love him he has chocolate brown curls and emerald green eyes. his name is harry styles and he's famous. but i knew him for 6 years through our pen pal system. he promised to visit me when he comes to Scotland with his band, I think i'll tell him.


1. Their Arrival

I hear my alarm in the early morning and sit up sleepely ,my eyes barely open. i rub my eyes and squint to see the clander across the room. onec i read the date i jump up and get changed quickly in to my dark green summer dress and my cream flats. I brush my hair but it doesn't tame. i put i light layer of lip gloss on and grab my phone and license along with the keys to the family limo. I wake wimphrey and ask him to drive me to the airport and we soon set off.

Once we arrive at the air port i see harry and his four band mates and i run up to his squealing "HARRY" and jump into his arms hugging him tight.

"Merida" he says happily and puts me back on the ground "These are my mates. Liam ,Louis ,Zayn and Niall." he says 

"Hi" i say in a sing song voice. and Liam and Zayn reply back saying 'Hello'

''HIIIIII I'M LOUIS" Louis says and jumps up and down infront of me "Hi i'm Merida" i say my scottish accent dripping from my voice very thickly. "LIKE THE PRINCESS FROM DISNEY??!?!?" louis and liam say back in unison

"She's my Great grandma." i say kinda wierded out "COOL" they both say in unison again

"Merida can we go this is getting creepy." Harry says to me with a weirded out look on his face eyeing louis and liam

"yea lets go" i say and walk out with them following me

I hop in the limo closely followed by the boys Niall at the end and harry sits next to me. i plug in my earphones and play one of my favorite songs. A Match In To Water by Peirce The Veil. i put it on repeat and dift off to sleep leaning on the window. i wake up to my phone being not on my lap and my song being blasted throughout the limo. the boys all stare at me.

"what?'' i say knitting my eyebrows together

"You listen to this music?!?!" Harry says shocked

"yea" i say in a duh tone

"We are home Miss Merida" Wimphrey said from the drivers panel

"Thank you Wimphrey" I say back and open the door and look at my watch "Oh shoot im a little late. Wait here boys and get your luggage out." i run off to my room and climb out my window and climb up the stone wall to the roof of the castle and see the sun has partially rose but i watch it rise half way and go back to my room and run back to the car

"sorry for thew wait. i have to do something every morning." i say and walk of to their rooms showing them. harry is across from me. Niall is on my left .Liam is on my left. Louis is on harrys left and zayn is on his right. our room plan. the boys put their stuff away and they explore the castle in pairs. Liam and Niall. Louis and Zayn and me and Harry. Harry and I walk off to the throne room. We are alone in the large room

"Harry?" i say getting his attention.

"Yea Merida?" he answers back to me

"we have been pen pals and stuff for a while now and we know each other pretty well." i say and gulp before i say anymore "and -and i think i love you" i say my voice cracking at the end. all harry does is hug me tightly 

"i think the same way about you" harry says shortly after. He pulls back from the hug and looks into my  eyes and i get lost in his. he icks me up and spins me around

"will you be my girlfriend?" he says his voice full of hope. I just nod furiously and hug him tightly. he puts me down on my feet

"why is Niall avoiding me?" i ask Harry as we walk out of the room and up to mine

"He's Irish" he says softly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh" i say and become silent almost instantly and we walk into my room. i sit on the bed and change the subject

"do you like Barbie Movies?" i say excitedly smiling like an idiiot

"Why?" Harry asks

"Well no one knows this but i have all her movies and do cosplay alot and know all her songs off by heart" I say fastly  slightly embarrased smiling at the ground. Harry picks up my chin so our eyes meet 

"In that case i love them" he says and we get lost in eachothers eyes and i don't sense his face getting closer till i feel his lips on my and my lips start subconsiously start moving insync with his and i feel fire works and he pulls back and kisses my cheek and laying down on my double bed spooning with me and we both drift off to sleep



WADO YA THINK i think it is weird aha but so am i  aha OPINIONS.


~shayla out~

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