A cute little love story

If you want something short and cute here it is! This story is about the amazing Luke Hemmings! It is just a cute little love story hope you enjoy :)


4. The proposal

It was our 4th anniversary as an official couple and like I did almost every year  I was going to Luke's for a movie marathon. Just like we did four years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I drove to Luke's,as soon as I was there he gave me a hug, planting a quick kiss to my lips. It was near dinner time and neither of us had eaten yet so we decided to order pizza, I noticed Luke was acting a bit different than usual, he was quieter and less himself than usual, I decided not to ask about it, I figured he'd be back to normal soon. After we ate, we sat on the couch for a bit just talking about nothing. He got less nervous and more talkative after we talked a bit, I was happy to see he was back to normal. "Wanna watch a movie?" He asked finally, I nodded and picked up Monsters Inc., I was snuggled into Luke as we watched the movie. Luke was probably the comfiest pillow you could have, after Monsters Inc. was over Luke chose another movie, which was Step Brothers. 
After Step Brothers was over Luke ran upstairs to get blankets and pillows, because it was getting dark. I was staying over as I've done countless times before, I was sitting on the floor trying to choose a movie, we'd watched two comedies so I figured it was time to put in a girly movie, I chose The Vow, like I did the day we shared our first kiss. As I was opening the DVD a small piece of paper fell out, I looked at it puzzled, I read the words out loud shocked when I seen "Diana will you marry me?" I turned toward Luke who was down on one knee holding a small black velvet box, inside there was a silver ring with a diamond in the middle. I looked to Luke then back at the ring, he stood up "So will you?" he said smiling. I couldn't find my words, so I just wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I broke the kiss once I found my words "Yes Luke, a million times yes." I said kissing him again. He smiled into the kiss, and slid the ring on my finger. We broke apart again going to sit on the couch, he put The Vow in. I found myself looking down at my hand smiling. "Luke, how did you know I was going to choose The Vow?" I asked him, he just shook his head "I didn't, I took the chance that you would because I know you love that movie." He told me honestly. I smiled and kissed his cheek "I'm glad you did." I whispered. We snuggled together as The Vow started and I found myself thinking of our wedding, and I found myself getting sleepy, soon enough I was drifting off.

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