A cute little love story

If you want something short and cute here it is! This story is about the amazing Luke Hemmings! It is just a cute little love story hope you enjoy :)


3. Our First Kiss

It's been about 2 weeks since Luke and I's first date, we'd been hanging out and talking non-stop and tonight I was going to his house to watch some movies. It was 7pm now and I was going there at 8. I was getting ready and soon it was time to go, I drove to Luke's and knocked on the door, I wasn't very nervous because I'd hung out with Luke so many more times before it was just another one of those times. I was beginning to have strong feelings for him, I didn't know how he felt though, we'd went on a date, but not much else. Luke answered the door smiling, he gave me a big hug. I smiled "Hey." "Hey!" He said excitedly, I smiled I walked into his house and took my shoes off, we both walked into the living room. "Holy candy!" I said as I noticed all the chocolate and candy that was in a bag on the couch, "Yeah, i got a lot of it and popcorn for tonight." He told me, I smiled at him and went to sit on the couch, I've been to this house so much recently I wasn't afraid to be myself around him, he sat beside me and pulled out a CD case full of movies. "Which movie do you want to watch?" He asked, I took the case out of his hands and flipped through choosing Anchorman. Luke put the movie on and sat back down beside me, he put his arm around me and I snuggled into him. 
After watching the Anchorman he let me choose another, and because we just finished a funny movie I decided we should watch The Vow, just because, Luke claimed it was his mom's movie but I had a feeling he'd watched it before...without his mom. I put the movie in and snuggled into my comfortable spot next to Luke. After watching it a bit I had already shed a few tears, it was at the part where Leo and Paige are at Paige's sister's wedding and they're fighting. This was the part for some reason I cried so much at, I sniffled a bit and soon enough I had tears falling down my face. I wiped my eyes quickly, hoping Luke didn't notice. "Are you crying?" he asked me I looked at him and seen him smiling, "What? No, I just uhm.. yes I am." I said my lie failing when I couldn't come up with an excuse, he smiled and reached up for my face wiping a few more tears that shed. I smiled and laughed a bit "It's a sad movie." I said pouting "Yeah, I know." He said smiling. He stared into my eyes, I found myself smiling again. Luke leaned in putting his hand to my cheek, the moment his lips touched mine any insecurity, worry, doubt in my mind melted away and I found myself just focusing on Luke and me, and the way his lips felt on mine. "I've been wanting to do that for so long." Luke said after we pulled away, "Diana would you like to be my girlfriend?" Luke asked officially, I smiled and kissed his lips as my answer "Of course Luke." I said smiling and he placed his lips on mine once again melting my worries away.

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