A cute little love story

If you want something short and cute here it is! This story is about the amazing Luke Hemmings! It is just a cute little love story hope you enjoy :)


2. Our First date

It's been 3 weeks since I met 5 Seconds of Summer, and those 3 weeks have basically been a dream to me, because I went to the movies with them and after ward Luke Hemmings gave me his number, saying "You seem like an awesome girl." ever since then Luke and I have been texting non-stop, that's why this all seems like a dream, because only in my dreams have I met Luke Hemmings and got his number, but this is suddenly real life and all my dreams are coming true, Luke asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him, of course I said yes, we were going out for dinner then we were just going to see a movie, basic first date. I still found myself getting nervous, I couldn't wait to see him he'd be here in less than an hour. I started getting ready straightening my hair and getting dressed. After I got ready Luke texted me saying he was almost at my house, I'd given him directions. 
I heard a knock at my door about 15 minutes later, I answered it to find Luke smiling and holding roses. I smiled and gave him a hug, he handed me the roses and I smiled even bigger, before I left I put them in a vase and put them in my room. I grabbed my coat and put my shoes on and Luke and I headed to the restaurant, we were just going to Pizza Hut but it's still better than nothing. We got to Pizza Hut and sat down starting a random conversation, I asked him what the boys were up to and all the regular chat, we were laughing at basically everything, I missed him so much. After we ate we were ready to go, we got to the cinema and got our tickets to see Monsters University, it was a kids movie but oh well! We shared a popcorn and got out own drinks, we sat in the middle of the cinema which was basically the best seats there. We sat through the advertisements talking basically the whole time, we had to be more quiet though because at one point we were laughing so hard we caught the attention  of a group of kids that sat in front of us. Once the movie actually started we quieted down, in the middle of the movie I felt him put his arm around me, I smiled and leaned into him a bit, I couldn't lean into him too much because of the stupid arm rest. After the movie we through our garbage out and walked back outside, Luke grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers. "So what did you think of the movie?" He asked,  I smiled "It was great, this was an amazing first date." I said smiling, I kissed him on the cheek and he turned to me smiling "I guess you should be getting home?" he asked me, I check the time it was 9:30pm. My mom was expecting me at 10:30, "I have time." I said, he smiled "Good." he said, "We should go to the park!" I said and he laughed smiling and nodded, it was 9:30 so no one would be there this late. 
We got to the park and ran to the swings, laughing. I got there first and stuck my tongue out at him even though we weren't racing, I just like winning. He laughed at my childlikeness, we were on the swings getting higher and higher, when Luke said "Let's jump off!" "No! We'd like die!" I said and he laughed "We'll be fine, I'll save you." He said winking, I laughed "Fiiinneee." "Okay, three, two, one!" at one I launched myself off the swing hoping to land on my feet, I did but fell down onto Luke. We sat like that just laughing at each other, we eventually just laid on the ground staring at the sky. Luke had his arm around me and I laid my head on his chest, we stared at the sky in silence. This moment couldn't be more perfect I said smiling, "What are you smiling about?" he asked poking my cheek, I giggled "Just how perfect this moment is." I confessed, blushing a little. "I couldn't agree more." he said. 

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