Neighbours? Yes please! (The sequel)

The sequel to Neighbours? Yes please!


1. Broken

It had been two weeks. Two long weeks of crying, eating ice cream and watching romantic comedies that made me cry more. I loved him, I hated him, but most of all, I missed him.

Two weeks ago, I had walked into a room at the set where the boys were filming their latest music video, to find Louis kissing another girl. "I thought you said forever?" I had whispered to Louis before running out of the room.

All of the boys had called, Louis more than anyone, Savana had called (she and Niall had moved across the road together) but I kept ignoring their calls. They had all come to the door, begging me to let them in, but I kept quiet until they left. Louis begged me to let him explain, but every time I heard his voice, the image of him kissing her was branded across my eyelids.

It had been two weeks. But today, I would get out of bed, get off the couch. Today I would put away the cookie dough ice cream that I had lived on for the past two weeks. Today, I would go to my first modeling job at an exclusive company.

That morning when I woke up, the weight that had been in my stomach since that day, was lighter. I got out of bed and went to take a shower. I washed my hair, and let the memories of him bleed away for as long as my mind would allow. After the shower, I blowdried my hair, letting it fall limply to my waist.

I put on a pair of black leggings and a tank top, paired with a grey jersey with a long back and some black heels. When I got there they would give me new clothes, new makeup, new hair and hopefully that would help to heal me. I grabbed my shoulder bag and put my iPhone, my purse and my lip balm into it.

I walked out the door, pausing on the porch. Leaves fell in colorful spirals towards the ground and the air smelled like autumn. The wind blew around me, twirling my hair and waking me. A million memories flashed in my mind at once. Louis kissing me here, tickling me until I couldn't breathe, him dropping the keys into the bush next to me and having to go and retrieve them.

Tears threatened to spill, but I blinked them away and caught the stray one that fell. I got into the car and shut the door behind me, putting the key into the ignition and reversing out of the driveway. As I drove away, I looked in by rearview mirror and saw Savana and Niall trying to wave me back. I dropped my eyes and kept driving.

My GPS directed me to the set where the shoot would happen. I stopped the car and pulled my keys out of the ignition. "Kayleigh Kittle?" A young blonde guy asked me.

"Yes," I say surprised. "How did you know?" I asked him.

"You were too pretty to be anyone but the model," he said winking. Pain shot through my chest, remembering Louis. "Follow me," he said smiling. I followed him into the building. There was one big room, with a large screen and a photographer. There were stylists everywhere and everyone was rushing around frantically.

"Am I the only model?" I asked the boy nervously.

"Yes," he answered. "This is all for you." He said, gesturing toward the flurry of activity. He lead me towards a chair where another man joined us. "This is Jerry, our hair stylist."

"Hi," I said quietly. He replied with a nod and a friendly smile.

"Kayleigh?" The blonde guy asked me. "Here. My number." He said thrusting a piece of paper towards me. "My name is Bradley by the way, call me."

"Um," but before I could reply he was gone. I gulped.

"Don't worry," Jerry said. "You don't have to call him." I nodded and smiled, trying to ignore the lump in my throat. This was difficult. Jerry began curling my hair in silence, while I watched the commotion in front of me.

All of a sudden, the room went quiet. Stylists stopped moving, people stopped talking, Jerry stopped curling. They were all staring at a point above my head, behind me.

"Kayleigh?" Louis's voice rang out. "Please just listen to me."

I spun around quickly. "What are you doing here?" I said my voice low.

"I needed to talk to you, so please just give me a chance." He pleaded with me, his eyes frantic.

"Give you another chance to break my heart?" I whispered before running out of the room.

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