Triangle || Niall Horan and Luke Hemmings

Sydney Clarke was never a big fan of One Direction. At one party, her friends dared her to sign up for the 1D/5SOS TOUR CONTEST, she didn't actually like them so she hesitated, also she knew she had a low chance of winning. Her friends convinced her to sign up, she did because she knew she would never win. Oh how wrong she was.

The boys (1D and 5SOS) admired that Sydney wasn't some crazy fan they had to put up with for 5 months, she was like their best friend, well for some of the boys a little more than that.


2. Chapter Twoo


I completely forgot about the competition, I was in school wearing my black and white baseball tee with my ripped black skinny jeans and my beanie, it was lunch and I decided to work on my project.


"Hey Sydney," my best friend, Hazel said, I heard the sound you get when you open your e-mail but I shut my laptop since Hazel was here,

"Hi Haze," I said taking my burrito and taking a bite, she took out her phone and checked her text before erupting with swear words,

"Woah, chill," I said laughing,

"I'm failing most of my classes!" she said,

"Who texted you?" I asked, raising my eyebrow in suspicion, okay here's a little disgusting backstory about Hazel Fields, Hazel is weirdly obsessed with our history teacher who happens to check all of our grades before sending them, 

"Hazel," I said in a serious voice,

"Okay, fine, Mr. Scott," she said,

"You disgust me," I said and she laughed,

"My parents will kill me," she said,

"Maybe you should stop flirting with our teacher and actually study," I said, I took my iPhone 5s which was the silver one because Rob texted me,


Rob: Hey Syd, Greta and I are in Rockets, wanna come? 

Me: Oh hey Rob, yeah sure, I have 2 free periods.. :) 

Rob: Great, see you

Me: See you Robbbbbbb 


"Who are you talking to?" Hazel asked,

"Rob, Rob from Ridgeway, hey I'm going to catch up with you later, okay," I said taking my Jansport black bag. 

"Ugh ditching me for some guy," she said,

"No I'm 99% sure he's 100% gay," I said laughing,

"Can I have your burrito?" she asked and I looked down at my burrito,

"All yours, don't be weird and don't flirt with Mr. S," I warned and I could feel her laughing while she eye rolled me, I went to my car which was a Chevrolet and I took my keys, I drove to Rockets and parked there. As I went inside, music blasted and people were roller blading everywhere, I searched for Rob and Greta's faces, Rob noticed me and waved, I nodded and walked towards him, when I suddenly bumped into someone, 

"Oh I'm sorry," I said, he helped me with my books,

"No, I'm sorry," he said, he had an Irish accent, we locked eyes and he looked awfully familiar,

"Well I better get going, I'm sorry about um, wasting your, um yeah," I said smiling awkwardly before sprinting to Rob and Greta. 

"Hey, who was that?" Greta asked,

"I have no idea," I said, they had their homework out so I decided to study as well,

"Hey Syd, did you check your inbox? I sent you some One Direction songs just incase," Rob winked and I gave him the death stare,

"Oh and 5SOS songs too," he said,

"I know 5 Seconds of Summer, they're, they're okay I guess," I said shrugging my shoulders. 

"No seriously I did send you something through e-mail," he said,

"Who the hell uses e-mail now-a-days?" Greta asked,

"Was going to ask the exact same thing," I said, I took out my laptop and checked my inbox, I then noticed 4 new notifications, the first 2 were from Rob, one of the songs and the other of packing essentials, he stuck his tongue out,

"Ha-ha," I said clicking on the 3rd e-mail which was just homework, then I looked at the subject of the 4th and it said Modest! 

"Hey, Rob, Greta, is Modest! One Direction's managers?" I asked,

"Yeah," they both said staring at me,

"Shit," I murmured,

"What's that?" Greta asked, I was too scared to open the e-mail, 

"Greta, please open my fourth e-mail," I begged and she raised her eyebrow but took my laptop, Greta nudged Rob and they both laughed hysterically. 

"Shit," I repeated under my breath, 

"Guess who'll have the best time of their life for 5 months?" Greta said sarcastically,

"No chance at all, huh Rob?" I said quoting him before his cheeks were red due to his hysterical laughing, I groaned and took my laptop, I read through the e-mail lie 10 times making sure I really was chosen,

"Can't I just like tell them that-," I said,

"Tell them that you hate One Direction and the e-mail was a prank! Great idea," Rob said sarcastically, I realised how dumb the idea was,

"Okay, fine, but you're buying me a milkshake," I said,

"Let's go, One Direction Ultimate Fan!" Greta said and I playfully punched her,

"I hate you," I said and she laughed,

"Love you too, babe," she said and I smiled. I went to the counter and ordered for 2 milkshakes when I saw the blonde I bumped into before, he was staring at me, was I that ugly, I mean come on. 

"Take a picture, it lasts longer," I said teasing him and he blushed,

"Do you want to skate?" Greta asked  and I thought about it,

"Nah, you go on, I'll wait here," I said,

"Rob!" she yelled and he ran to her,

"Skating buddies!" he yelled and I laughed as I sat down. I took out my phone to text Hazel. 

Me: Hey Hazel, guess what -.- 

Hazelnut: What? 

Me: Guess who's going to be gone for 5 months

Hazelnut: No way! 

Me: Way :( 


Me: I had to post a picture of myself so they would know who was going with them, I don't want to be rude. 

Hazelnut: But you don't like them 

Me: I know, but I can't just do that you know. It's Simon Cowell we're talking about

Hazelnut: Right, right, where are you? The bell is going to ring soon

Me: I have a pass to skip Bio so I have an hour

Me: I'm in Rockets

Hazelnut: Ugh I wanna go there and skate, 

Me: Haha well 

Hazelnut: Bell just rang, see you! 

Me: Bye hazeeeee 


I said bye to Greta and Rob because I was going to go home and explain this situation to my parents, hopefully they won't kill me because I still have school, though I would miss like 2-3 months of school since summer is coming up. I collected my stuff and walked out of Rockets. I walked to my car and went inside, I started the car and drove home. I parked and I took out my house keys which had a minion key chain. 


"Sydney is that you?" I heard my mum's voice from the kitchen,

"Yeah," I said putting my bags down, I walked to the kitchen to see my mom icing a cake, 

"Hi mum," I said hugging her, I was taller than my mom. 

"Hi honey," she said,

"So," I said sitting down and twirling on my chair,

"What's up?" she asked making the last touches of her cake,

"Mum please don't kill me," I said and she looked at me with concern,

"What happened?" she asked sitting in front of me,

"Okay so remember the party I went to?" I asked,

"Honey are you," she said,

"NO!" I said and she let out a sigh of relief,

"Well we were playing Truth or Dare and um they dared me to sign up for this competition to go on tour with One Direction for 5 months," I said,

"But you hate One Direction," she said,

"Mum that's the point," I said and she laughed,

"Okay and? Is that why I'm going to kill you?" mum asked laughing while she put the cake in the fridge,

"I kinda won the competition," I said and mum turned around and looked at me, her body frozen,

"I know I thought I could just tell them it was a misunderstanding but I didn't want them to feel bad, you know," I added getting worried she will kill me, 

"Sydney... Did you just sign up for a competition that takes you around the world for 5 months and didn't tell me about it!" she yelled and I looked down and fidgeted with my bracelet that Hazel got me, it was black with a Batman symbol on it, 

"I'm telling you right now?" I said worried before burying my head on top of the counter,

"Sydney Rose Clarke!" she said stern fully with her hands on her hip,

"Mum I am terribly sorry! I'll try to do all my homework and studies on the tour! I promise!" I said and she sat down, maybe that was a good idea,

"Honey you're in 11th grade after summer," she said and I sighed,

"I know mum, I only signed up because I thought the possibilities of winning was a really low chance," I said starting to cry, I knew she was disappointed and I hated disappointing my mum,

"Oh honey don't cry," she said and she hugged me,

"I just, I'm sorry," I admitted,

"No dear, I think if you can contact your teachers while you're on the tour, then, then it might work," she said,

"So, so I can go?" I asked looking at her,

"If you have no other option I guess you're forced to," she said kissing my head,

"I better pack then," I said and she cried,

"Mum don't cry," I said hugging her tight,

"My 2 babies will be gone," she said,

"Mum really the probability of Emma going to college is lower then the probability of winning the One Direction Tour Competition," I said and that made her laugh,

"Well okay honey, I'll go and phone your father," she said wiping her eyes and I nodded. I went to my room and opened my e-mail, shit, I leave the day after. 

"Mum?" I yelled and she went upstairs, I showed her the e-mail and she nodded,

"Come on, I'll help you pack," she said and I nodded. Great this will be fun. Note my sarcasm. 



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