Triangle || Niall Horan and Luke Hemmings

Sydney Clarke was never a big fan of One Direction. At one party, her friends dared her to sign up for the 1D/5SOS TOUR CONTEST, she didn't actually like them so she hesitated, also she knew she had a low chance of winning. Her friends convinced her to sign up, she did because she knew she would never win. Oh how wrong she was.

The boys (1D and 5SOS) admired that Sydney wasn't some crazy fan they had to put up with for 5 months, she was like their best friend, well for some of the boys a little more than that.


3. Chapter Threee


It was a really hot day the day I would have to go, I was sad, mum and dad were crying, not only because of that I was going but because Emma got accepted to a university. I was wearing a t-shirt that was white and said 'On Wednesday We Wear Black' and it was sorta a cropped top, I wore my ripped black skinny jeans with my red flannel top tied on my waist. I curled my hair a little but it looked natural. I wore mascara and a little lip gloss (more like forced) and I carried my small MCM red backpack. I took my ray-ban sunglasses and put them on, I saw Emma and I ran to her and we hugged,

"Em, I'll miss you like crazy," I said hugging her tight,

"Me too!" she said and we hugged for like 5 minutes before letting go,

"Hey, don't have too much fun, okay?" I said and she rolled her eyes and laughed,

"As if," she said and I laughed with her,

"Have fun," she said winking and I laughed, I said bye to my parents and they dropped me at the airport, (where Modest asked me to go, well I wasn't certain why since they didn't tell me anything about a flight)  

"Bye guys," I said waving and they kissed my head, I walked just around not knowing where to go, I took out my phone and checked if I got another e-mail from them which I didn't. Suddenly I saw 11 boys waving at me, I smiled and walked to them, I knew it! He was Niall from One Direction! They guy I bumped into, great he'll know I'm not a fan by not noticing him, I had no idea what to do. 

"Hi!" they all said and we had a big group hug, 

"You must be, Sydney," Liam said, (I studied their names, well Emma quizzed me) 

"Yeah, "I said shyly, 

"I'm Liam," he said and I softly laughed,

"I think I know who you guys are since I was the one signing for the competition," I teased and he laughed,

"Right," and I smiled, we walked to a big tour bus and I was amazed,

"So, we actually have an interview, you can stay or come with us," Harry said and I nodded,

"Um can I just pack out?" I asked and he nodded,

"Good idea," Zayn said,
"I'll show her around," Niall said,

"Niall, we're going to an interview," Louis said and he nodded and blushed,

"Right," he said before leaving, I was with 5SOS, 

"Tour?" Luke asked and I nodded,

"Please," I said and he laughed, he was a really fun guy, we had a nice chat (which turned to a pervy group chat with the others when we sat down) 

"Do you play FIFA?" Calum asked,

"Yeah, it's fun," I said and the 4 boys, except for Ashton lit up,

"Let's play!" they all said and Ashton groaned,

"So you don't seem like you like One Direction too much," Luke said in the middle of our game,

"Can I tell you guys something but not tell them?" I said and they nodded,

"It was a dare to sign up," and they laughed their heads off,

"What?" I said,

"Are you British?" Michael asked and I nodded,

"Britain!" they all said and I laughed. 2 hours later, they came back.

"Sorry that took forever," Niall said looking into my eyes, he then blushed, so did I, Louis noticed and started teasing Niall like crazy,
"Hey Sydney, Niall looked at your picture and said you were gorgeous," Liam said and Niall blushed, I felt sorry so I went to him and patted his back,

"Nah," I said,

"Maybe it was someone else," I said smiling,

"No we're pretty sure it was you," Zayn said and 5SOS started laughing,

"Hey didn't I see you like yesterday?" Niall asked, shit. 5SOS started laughing and I looked at them with the stare and they stopped,

"Yeah I got nervous," I said and he laughed,

"Wait what?" Liam asked,

"Oh I bumped into her and she sorta fell," Niall said and everyone laughed their heads off,

"Nice flirting style," Calum said and he blushed again,

"No I think I was the one who bumped into you because I saw you and I was so happy," I said and he smiled,

"Well I hope I didn't cause damages you know I mean yeah," he said and I smiled,

"No," I said,

"So what do you guys want to do?" I asked,

"Truth or Dare," Ashton said smirking to me and I rolled my eyes and laughed, 

"Yes!" Liam said and we went to the living room and sat down, 

"First, Sydney, Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked,

"Dare," I said,

"Kiss one of us," he said,

"Seriously?" I said raising an eyebrow and everyone laughed,

"Scared?" Luke asked and I got up,

"Nope," I said heading towards Luke and everyone made 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' and I planted a kiss on Luke and he stared at me and kissed me again and we let go,

"Wow Lukey," Calum said and I laughed,

"Not scared," I said and I saw Niall had his head down, I sat back next to Niall and Luke kept looking at me, weird.

"I'm tired," Niall said walking away, 

"He likes you, you should've kissed him," Liam said,

"Well," I said,

"Should I go after him?" I asked,

"No," Luke said and I shrugged it off,

"Sydney, Truth or Dare?" Michael asked,

"Dare," I said,

"Wait no, Truth," I added and Michael smirked,

"What's your favorite One Direction song?" he said, I remembered all the songs that Emma noted down,

"Diana," I said, I remembered that song since my aunt's name is Diana. 

"Truth or Dare, Sydney?" Louis asked,

"Again?" I asked and he laughed,

"Fine, Truth," I said,

"Are you a virgin?" Harry said eagerly,

"Yes," I said and Luke looked at me, his face lit up,

"I should go to Niall," I said standing up and everyone nodded,

"Hey Niall," I said seeing him eating gummy worms,

"Ugh I'm obsessed with Gummy Worms," I said sitting on top of the counter,

"Be careful you can fall when the road is bumpy," he said,

"Whatever," I said and he laughed passing me gummy worms,

"Thanks," I said when there was a speed bump and I almost fell when Niall caught me, I looked into his eyes and he smirked,

"Told you," he said and I smiled then laughed,

"So, favorite movie?" he asked,

"Harry Potter all the way," I said,

"Want to watch that?" he asked and I nodded, I looked like a child who just got offered candy,

"Let's go," he said laughing and I followed him to his  bunk, surprisingly it was big enough for both of us, he took his laptop and we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1. In the middle of the movie everyone thought we were having sex so they opened the curtains rather quickly, Luke sighed for some reason,

"We thought you were having sex," Harry said,

"Seriously?" I said and I went down with Harry's help,

"Possibly," Luke said frowning,

"Unlikely," I said and Luke's face lit up for some reason,

"Warning, I'll probably cry," I warned Niall and he laughed,

"It doesn't matter," he said,

"Okay let's continue watching it then," I said and he nodded. I did cry but he held me which made me feel safer. 

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