Triangle || Niall Horan and Luke Hemmings

Sydney Clarke was never a big fan of One Direction. At one party, her friends dared her to sign up for the 1D/5SOS TOUR CONTEST, she didn't actually like them so she hesitated, also she knew she had a low chance of winning. Her friends convinced her to sign up, she did because she knew she would never win. Oh how wrong she was.

The boys (1D and 5SOS) admired that Sydney wasn't some crazy fan they had to put up with for 5 months, she was like their best friend, well for some of the boys a little more than that.


5. Chapter Fivee


Sydney's POV: 


It was an early morning in the cold France, I thought that since it was summer that the climate would stay hot but I was wrong, it was windy and starting to rain. We had to wake up really early, I'm talking about 3 in the morning early. I got up and took a quick shower and changing to my Nirvana top with leggings, my flannel and jacket. I made my hair into a fishtail braid and took my boots. Everyone seemed to be ready except for Zayn who was still asleep, I laughed and Luke looked at me. Luke and I, coincidentally had almost the same outfit. He had a Nirvana top with jeans and a flannel shirt and a jacket, we laughed at our outfit. 

"Twins," I said,

"Twins!" he said and I laughed. 

"Zayn please," Harry said and Zayn finally woke up, he changed and we left. It was a movie thing they had to star in, 

"You guys can go walk around if you want," Louis said and I nodded, Luke and I left to go sight seeing, 

"What do you want to do?" he asked,

"I don't know," I said and he put his arm around me, I didn't know what to do. 

"Oh I'm sorry," he said blushing,

"No it's fine, I like it," I said, it was true, I felt safer. He smiled and put his arm around me again, we walked to a cab and we just went around, it started to rain as we were on the streets, we started to laugh and we were both soaking wet in no time. 

"Uh-oh," he said, it was hard to hear him with the heavy rain,

"Do you want to get an umbrella?" I asked,

"What?" he said taking off his jacket and putting it on top of me so I wouldn't get wet, I laughed as he tried because he was going to fail, 

"Do you want to get an umbrella?" I repeated louder and he laughed,

"Yes," he said and we went to a small shop to see if they had an umbrella, we got kicked out since we were making the store wet. I almost fell before Luke caught me. 
"I like the rain," I said as we walked on the sidewalk, we had a roof on top of us, 

"Me too, it's beautiful," he said and I nodded, 

"Hey, want to watch a movie?" he added,

"A French one?" I asked and he nodded,

"Luke it's 3 in the morning, I doubt there would be any theatres open," I said and he nodded,

"Let's just talk then," he said,

"Sure," I said and we walked to a small cafe, we then talked for like 4 hours and then Niall texted me telling me where were we and who I was with, I told him I was with Luke in a cafe called Bonjour Francais, he texted a ':)' and said he would pick us up, Luke and I were now dried.

"Niall said he will pick us up," I said,

"Okay," he said smiling,

"Seriously let's watch a movie," he said,

"Now?" I asked,

"Mean Girls, let's watch it," he said,

"Where?" I asked,

"My bunk," he said and I nodded,

"Okay," I said and he paid (I refused but he tackled me for the bill) and we saw Niall coming to us,

"Let's go guys," he said and he made this weird eye contact with Luke and they both nodded. 

"Where are we going?" I asked,

"We have 2 free days, well you have 2 free days, half of our day is interviews," Niall said smiling,

"Yay, Luke let's find a weird and obnoxious French movie," I said,

"After Mean Girls," he said,

"I don't like Mean Girls," I groaned, 

"Oh come on!" he said and I laughed, 

"Well let's watch it and make you love it," he said,

"Impossible but let's try," I said and he nodded.

"Were going to stay in a hotel, mate," Niall said,

"Oh," Luke simply said and we drove to this nice hotel called Sofitel. 

"Partners?" Harry asked,

"Sydney," Luke and Niall said at the same time, they looked at each other,

"Sydney who do you want?" Louis asked,

"So sorry," I said and I moved to Luke and held his hand, Niall looked crushed, maybe that was just me. Harry looked at me and he seemed amused, so did Ashton. 

"What?" I said feeling offensive, I walked away. I went around the lobby when Louis caught up with me,

"Hey babe, if you're a big fan of One Direction why didn't you choose Niall?" he asked putting his arm around me, no we're like best friends. 

"Because I don't want him thinking I like him just because he's in One Direction," I lied,

"Oh come on babe," he said,

"When I'm with Luke I just feel happy, you know?" I said, 

"You know that Niall is head over heels for you, right, you're going to crush his heart," Louis said smirking,

"I can't just choose him, I wish he could understand," I said and he nodded,

"I understand," he said,

"I just, I hate guy drama, I might as well have you as a roommate," I said and my face lit up,

"Louis, will you be my roommate?" I asked begging him,

"Can't do, babe," he said. Louis calls me babe, Liam calls me love, Zayn calls me hon, Harry calls me love, we've become really close. It's only been like 2 weeks though, weird. Calum calls me Sizzle (I don't know why) Mikey calls me S, Ashton calls me darling and Luke well he calls me boo sometimes, to tease me. 

"Please," I said,

"Nope, you will regret it," he said,

"Babe," I begged,

"Hey, babe's my thing," he said and I laughed,

"Please Lou," I said pouting,

"You're too cute, but no." he said when the others came,

"Love, are you okay?" I heard Liam's voice, 

"Hm?" I asked,

"Oh um yeah," I lied standing up, Louis's arm around my waist. 

"Let's go," I said, I couldn't look at Niall, his face was too down. I felt horrible. 

"Let's unpack and watch Mean Girls," Luke said, he put his hands around me, 

"Sydney?" he asked searching for my eyes, 

"Oh yeah I'm fine," I lied again and he bear hugged me,

"You're not okay," he said,

"No I'm not," I laughed and the elevator stopped at our floor, 

"Come on babe, you'll be alright, we can watch another movie, Harry Potter even," he said and I laughed,

"Nah," I said as we walked to our room. 

"Oh yeah don't feel bad because Liam made us share a room with Niall," he said, my jaw dropped. 

"WHAT?!" I said looking up,

"HE MADE ME CHOOSE FOR NOTHING?" I repeated burying my face on his chest and he kissed my head,

"You-you, um you chose me?" he asked and I turned pink,

"Not what I meant," I said shaking it off and I ended up laughing,

"Let's go in then," he said and we saw Niall inside.

"Niall!" I said running to him and hugging me tightly,

"Niall I didn't mean it I just, you know he's like my mate!" I said and his face lit up. 

"Can you help me?" I asked Luke and he nodded. We went in the bathroom and shut the door,

"I was joking, I really meant that I did choose you," I whispered and he pushed me up against the door and looked at my lips and then my eyes, I wanted to tease him so I slipped down and he laughed, I went outside. 

"Thanks for your help, Luke," I said and he laughed,

"You needed help for that? What a fail," he said,

"Shit, 2 beds," I whispered, 

"I'm with her," Niall and Luke said,

"Not again guys!" I said stern fully, they fought and I finally said,

"I'm. Sleeping. Alone!" before storming out of the room. 


Niall's POV: 


Luke and I looked at each other angrily, we stormed out to look for Sydney who walked away. I ran to Louis's room hoping she was there,

"SYDNEY?!" I yelled knocking the door, Louis and Liam walked out,

"Why are you looking for Sydney?" Liam asked,

"She stormed away from Luke and I," I said,

"Seriously mate," Liam said and Louis and Liam and I went to Zayn and Calum's room,

"Sydney!" Liam said pounding on the door,

"This isn't Sydney's room," Calum said,

"Shit," I said,

"Where is she then?!" I said,

"What do you mean?" Zayn asked,

"She kinda left," I said,

"Bloody idiot," Liam said and Zayn and Calum ran to Ashton and Michael's room to check, 

"Found her?" I asked spotting Luke,

"No," he said frowning, we looked everyone and didn't spot her. 

"It's all your fault!" Liam said pointing at Luke and I, we frowned,

"We're sorry. God." Luke said he seemed worried, 

"I'm walking around to look for her," Luke said walking out of the lobby. 


Luke's POV: 


I kept walking and walking until I saw her sitting on a bench near a French cafe reading Harry Potter, I laughed when I saw her book. I sat next to her, it took her 5 minutes to notice that it was me. 

"Hey," I whispered and I held her hand,

"Hi," she said softly, turning her page. 

"How many times have you read that book?" I asked and she laughed a little,

"Loads," she said and I smiled, I fidgeted with my lip ring, I didn't know what to do, 

"Wanna go on a date?" I asked, I felt weird asking, I knew she would say no. 

"Sure?" she said in about 5 minutes.

"Let's go then," she said standing up,

"The others are worried sick," I said,

"I can't go after," and I nodded, I knew she meant Niall. We walked to some lame French movie, it was fucking 3 hours long. It was horrible and Sydney and I laughed at how horrible it was. 

"Let's go then," she said smiling and I nodded, I put my arms around her waist and kissed her head,

"Let's go." I echoed. We went to the hotel and everyone ran and hugged Sydney saying how worried they were. We went to the hotel room and watched Mean Girls, like she promised. 




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