MINE.( Harry Styles fanfiction)

RAmona, a 17 year old ordinary girl living with her crazy mother. Well, Her life's rollercoaster begins when her mother sells her to vampires and guess what...she is sold to the ruthless of all vampires"HARRY STYLES".
KNow more about what happens, in my story.


4. Chp.4)

                 I woke up with a sound of constant banging of a metal.What the hell. It was morning.Shit, i was passed out for 12 hours? OMG .
                 "Mornin'Sleeping bimbo, Time for you to get back to work." I turned my head and saw a petite girl wearing only what seemt like a lingerie( what the fudge). She had long blonde hair that went a darker shade at the bottom.Wait,DID SHE CALL ME A BIMBO!!! " Damn girl, if someone here is a bimbo, then that's you.Couldn't you be less harsher while waking me up."
                " You are no less a bitch. And may i tell you this for the first and the last time that slaves are treated like this here.You are supposed to sleep for a minimum time unless told to. From now on prepare yourself to be sleep deprived woman. You are not on my level...."
                   I cut her off," Wait, did you just talk about slave levels.And you are saying you are one of those at the highest position and me at the lowest."
                "Actually,its only me and just me . You all are just low before me."

                 "And why is that?, I asked her.
                " I am master's favorite.Anyways,it was quiet amusing he let you sleep for so long. If it were any of the other slaves, they probably would right now be rotting in the dungeon. So watch your steps lady."

                " Bitch!!" , I muttered. But inside i was shocked. I knew he was all cruel but this cruel. No one is pure evil, i believe.

                " And let me tell you, you are no different than any of the slaves. so imma tell on you to master and have a happy time rotting in the dungeon." I stood there with my eyes wide. she can't do this. Fucking bimbo. " I do not need to repeat this right. YOU CANNOT TAKE MY PLACE FUCKING SLUT,YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION HE......."

                 She was cut of by a strong husky voice," And who are you to tell the exception, Ashley? I had  not ordered you to tell on her but to explain the chores she would be doing. Now get the hell out of here before i make your life more miserable." "Bu..but, master"

                " Get out i said."
                 I stood there, taking in the scenario in front of me. Their yelling and shouting gave me time to examine my master.He was perfect. He had a strong posture,curly hair which were tied in a bandana and teased a bit, a perfect jawline, full lips, skinny jeans, a black shirt with leather jacket and the most electrifying green eyes i could stare into the whole day.Yup, that's what caught his attention. He was still standing in the doorway. I didn't realize that girl, Ashley had left crying. He walked towards me and LOgan's words hit me again," RAmona, i am selling you to the most ruthless vampire in he world."

               I cringed and start to step back until my back hits the wall."Please don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you say. Please do not bite me."

               He stopped just a few inches away me, his breath all over my face. He still had a stern look which scared me more than anything.MUch to my surprise he didn't do anything.He sighed. " Ramona, You practically checked me out from top to bottom .I hope you enjoyed it. Much sooner or later, it would be payback, you like it or not." I flushed at this. and he continued," Second, you are new so let me tell you your chores. you are supposed to dust rooms and do laundry and make beds.you are not supposed to enter any room unless told to. You do as i say or else...."He stopped speaking. Seemed liked he didn't want to say it.Nevertheless, i was downshit scared of him. I mean, look at him he is twice of me. He could easily grab me and drain my life in seconds. His eyes went darker shade of green and i stood there mortified." Enter my room ONly with my permission."

              I was mortified, confused. And there i decided to open my big mouth," Sir, aren't you going to drink from me? " Shit why did i say this.

               " One wrong from you and then you will regret and call me master."

              " What a unnamely devil of a son!!!" I muttered. Shit.

              Soon i was pushed back onto the wall and my hands were grabbed roughly and but above my heads.He came dangerously close to me this time. HIs lips just a 5 cm distance away." Never mess with HARRY STYLES,Do you get it? If you do not follow my orders, you will regret it badly and beg me to kill you!"

              He pushed himself more towards me so i was trapped and i could feel his abs on my stomach. What the hell i am drooling at. He smirked and damn it was just growing. When he saw my confused face he said, " You are liking it right? I had a more confused look. " I mean you are liking me touching you, my body against yours and maybe you are drooling of these lips?"

                "What!!!No. I am not". I am sure my face was by now tomato red. I am not gonna admit i did actually like it. For god's sake, he is cruel. I just kept staring at his torso.

                He loosened up his grip a bit and pulled my hand from his. He just stared at me with a half smirk and an eyebrow raised. He was nodding while smirking and staring right at me intently. He slowly pulled himself away and left off after saying something that sent electric shrills all over my body." I will get you Ramona Tisdale. You will be under my skin soon."

So here is the chp as i promised. Please comment how the chp was cuz i think i could do better. So please feedback and vote and like :)

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