MINE.( Harry Styles fanfiction)

RAmona, a 17 year old ordinary girl living with her crazy mother. Well, Her life's rollercoaster begins when her mother sells her to vampires and guess what...she is sold to the ruthless of all vampires"HARRY STYLES".
KNow more about what happens, in my story.


1. Chp.1

" Ramona, get your fucking ass down here, i have got shit to handle with you!!" My mum's drinking again. I know just one thing, Never disobey her in this state, NEVER. Well, she is the reason i stay mostly at my dad's place. He's all like my delicate princess and pampering me everytime. I like him but my mum...... God only knows what goes on her mind.
                                         I hear another yell from her swearful mouth and i just ran downstairs where she was.As soon as she saw me, she had that grin on her face like never before. "What's wrong?, i ask. I suddenly had a feeling that something is not going right in her head." Bitch, do you know, we have got to pay many bills, and i don't have a fucking cent right now". "Well, i can help you pay them, you know get a job and work overti........"
                                       I was cut off by her. " Or even a better idea...Why don't i sell you away...anyways i don't need a useless shit like you anymore. You have enough beauty to get me the money of my dreams.....And yes i am selling you today to the vampires"

                                        Oh holy fucking shit,this thing took a new turn altogether, i mean selling a human to human is quite bearable, but selling a human to a vampire is like counting your days of dieing.....TORTUROUS DIEING. This is 2035 and the suddenly the vampires had decided to show up. I mean there are still very few vampires existing right now, but they were  ruthless. They made humans their slaves. And i have heard it is unbearable.
                                                  You know if you are fed up of a particular person, you just diall a no. and there is the vampyrth auction house owner in front of you. He only shows up on the phone call. That's what my mother did.

                                              Shit, he had arrived and i was given only an hour to pack up my things. I decided to run away but apparantly that person can read minds and he acknowledged my plan. He sat on my bed while i was packing. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A MISERABLE ENDING RAMONA, i said to myself. I was done. That person came up to me and said," I am logan. Well, you seem to be a pretty of a selling material. you may achieve us lots. Mrs. Tisdale, gosh you are gonna be rich. You will get your precious after she is sold." I had no idea she was standing at my door. Well, nevertheless logan continued his little speech...." And yes dare you try to escape me .....you are gonna have consequences, like i'll sell you to the most ruthless vampire i know of. I will tell you the rules once we reach there" and with that speech he chloroformed me and dragged me as it felt forever.

Hey,Guys this is my first time writing a vampire story.I would need a lot of suggestions. Once i get reads up to 70-80 i will start posting photos of this story on my instagram account gau_1Dlunatic. AND YES < to those who in doubt why he chloroformed her is that the vampyrth auction house is a secret place about which only vampires know. so....you know the rest.
Well, don't forget to favorite and comment ......I need your precious comments. you guys can even give me ideas. So, toodles till the next update and don't forget to like and fan

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